A shooting involving an officer worries the neighborhood

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – Jonesboro police responded to a call Wednesday night where an officer was shot on Spruce Street. With the incident so fresh, there are plenty in the affected neighborhood.

Alexandrea Billingsley lives down the street, and she says it’s scary to know if people are ready to shoot an officer. What or who else would they shoot?

“It’s really scary sending my kids out to play,” Billingsley said. “I’m not for, anything, I’m ready to leave this side of town.”

She added that this was not the first incident to occur in this neighborhood, and Billingsley said it was disheartening.

“Over the summer, I drove a car past, and as they were driving, they brandished a gun at us,” Billingsley said. “We were all sitting here on my porch, and I was like oh, my God, what the hell.”

Community violence against officers is something Callie Tally and her husband have experienced firsthand. They started the Arkansas Code 3 Response Foundationwhich provides immediate support to the family of an officer killed or injured in the line of duty.

“It’s unfortunately something that we saw more than we wanted to,” Tally said. “You know we are happy to have the opportunity to help these people in these times.”

She said her organization had spoken with the injured officer and was working to provide support to his family.

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