A vacant eyesore on Seaman Street in East Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – A vacant home infested with raccoons has been troubling a local community for years.

Residents of Seaman Street in East Toledo said when the owners died more than a decade ago, the place began to fall apart.

“It reminds me of Halloween every day, it’s awful. I’ve never seen the street look so bad, and those houses,” said Barb Groll, a neighbor.

According to people living nearby, the house attracts all kinds of rodents and pests. “I had an exterminator come in because of the bugs and stuff that were going by. We had a lot of ants last year. It costs me about $110 a month,” said neighbor Denis Karcsak.

The city came to mow the property earlier in the week, but some of the grass was too tall for the equipment.

“Because it takes so long for the city to do something, you keep calling them every day or every week. They say yes, I’ll take your information. Thank God they finally cut the grass this year, but it was the first,” says Groll.

When 13abc spoke with officials from the city of Toledo, they said the property had been on their radar for some time.

With no one alive to hold responsible for the nuisance, it’s the City’s job to bring the place into compliance. The lot is on the city’s demolition list, and a rep said they hope to have the place demolished by the end of the year.

“I hope it’s not safe, but it’s doable. As long as it’s torn down, I’ll be happy,” Groll says.

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