Abandoned post office in East Toledo

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) — Roddy Hinsey has lived in East Toledo his entire life. He remembers going to the old post office on the corner of Second and Platt as a child, but now the building looks very different.

According to Hinsey, the building started looking like this about 3 years ago. “I try to walk to the Toledo Food Market all the time and that’s what I have to pass,” Hinsey says. “It’s horrible, it’s very unacceptable.”

Hinsey says a man lives in the building. “He sprays paint on the building. That’s his name here. This building is very historic for me. It’s actually the Garfield District, it’s a historic district.

The building is down the street from Waite High School, and Hinsey says students shouldn’t have to walk past it on their way home. “If you’re careful, you’ll see the rats moving around the dock.”

“I contacted the non-emergency police line and filed complaints of trespassing on private property. It looked like they were going to come out and remove it from the address at some point and maybe clean it up after it left,” says Hinsey.

The city of Toledo says the property has been on the radar for years. The city cleaned it up and offered the man who lives there social services, to no avail. As long as the building stays up to code, there is nothing more the city can do. The city does not own the building, it is owned by 2nd Street Collective LLC. We have contacted the owner but have not yet received a response.

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