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Regarding your recent article about Christopher Quaglin of North Brunswick, who faces multiple federal charges in connection with the January 6 capitol riot (“Friendly neighbor or violent insurgent?”), I agree with Jon Lewis of George Washington University’s program on extremism that Quaglin could very well be both.

Since there appears to be a video of him attacking the police and claiming other abuse, he must be held accountable, and all the letters of support from his “other life” that the article refers to don’t change that. what he did that day.

After the election of Donald Trump in 2016 – amid many questionable actions, I might add – those of us who were outraged and upset did not put on armor, take up arms or resort to costume games and a rhetoric of toxic masculinity. We marched in protest by the millions and in peace.

Quaglin must be held accountable for what appear to be incredibly impulsive and irresponsible actions while awaiting the birth of a child. Once he has paid his debt to society, we can welcome him as a “great guy”.

Phil Kirsch, Milburn

You never know for some people

In the case of Christopher Quaglin’s seemingly split personality (“Friendly neighbor or violent insurgent?”), how many respected and upright community leaders turn out to be the perpetrators of extreme violence against their wives, children, and other beings? dear supposed?

Although Quaglin hasn’t been accused of any domestic violence, it’s not uncommon to see this sort of thing happen with others who had previously been hailed as wonderful neighbors and friends.

Quaglin’s actions in Washington show his underlying rage. Perhaps he “likes to shock the crowd verbally”, as one of his defenders puts it. But what happened on January 6 was deeds, not words. Just something to think about.

Susan J. Waldman, Randolph

Whoopi Goldberg’s suspension is not justified

I was discouraged to read the suspension of Whoopi Goldberg from ABC News’ “The View.”

His apologies for saying the Holocaust was not “about race” were quick, clear and heartfelt. If that wasn’t enough, why should anyone apologize for such a remark? There is no one who believes that Goldberg has a milliliter of anti-Semitism in her.

It is easy for me to understand how she missed the fact that the actions of the Third Reich against the Jews were a war against a race: Aryan against Jew.

The Jews are a race in their own right. When I took a DNA test, he said I was 98% Ashkenazi Jewish. There is no reference to a European country inhabited by my people. It took me a while to figure this out. I don’t expect non-Jews to understand this without thought or research. We are all programmed to identify race differences by the melanin content of the skin.

Goldberg is daily exposed to atrocities against her own race by members of the Caucasian race. It is easy to see how she could have overlooked the fact that the extermination of white Jews by white Europeans was, indeed, racially motivated. Raise the suspension, ABC. You are the one who needs time to think.

Mark Surks, Monroe Township

The GOP platform is perfect, except…

I read that the Republican National Committee met in Salt Lake City last week to set out the issues they believe are crucial to winning the 2022 and 2024 elections.

These appear to be their strategic goals: 1) reduce inflation, 2) increase parental rights, 3) strengthen border security, 4) investigate Afghan troop withdrawals, and 5) censor GOP lawmakers with dissenting opinions, such as Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who sit on the House committee on January 6.

Wow, besides missing their 800 pound orange gorilla in the room and his complaints about stolen elections, what a great platform!

However, it seems to leave out a few, oh, minor things like: 1) controlling a pandemic, 2) controlling global warming, 3) rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure, 4) restoring a woman’s right to choose abortion, 5) restoring voters’ rights, 6) controlling rampant gun violence. The Democrats seem to be fighting these issues on their own.

This month of November will present stark differences in what is important to people and the country. We must choose wisely, America.

James V. Gruber, Washington, Warren County

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