After disrespecting half the population by Watson trade, Haslams should sell Browns

I’m a 62-year-old Cleveland native and lifelong devoted Browns fan. Browns fans like me have endured a lot and sometimes questioned our loyalties. The periods of desperation were rooted in the frustration of witnessing continued failure and incompetence. While years of missteps have left fans questioning their dedication, supporters might finally dismiss the organization’s shortcomings because, hey, it was just sport.

But now, Dee and Jimmy Haslam, you have made the biggest economic and crushing mistake in the history of professional sports and contributed to the degradation of countless women. Not only was the Deshaun Watson trade the worst trade decision in sports history, it also alienated sports fans globally and disrespected half the population. Yeah, I’m one of those fans put off by how you’ve forever tarnished my team. I’m too revolted and too depressed to reconcile keeping the team near and dear.

You have forced me and countless others to mourn the loss of a lifelong love. You have made Art Modell look beautiful in comparison. You made the Browns an outcast. It’s time for you to sell the team, to save any chance there is of it being respected again.

Jim Ack,

Salt Lake City, UT

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