An eyesore on Mulberry Street disturbing a nearby church

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) — According to Church elder Joe W. McKinney, the vacant, condemned house on Mulberry Street has been a concern for the Trinity Faith Tabernacle for years.

“They finally boarded. Once there were no barricades and you saw different people coming out of the house at different times. And people are afraid to come here by parking and even to cross the street,” McKinney said.

The roof is collapsing, the grass has grown out of control, the yard is littered with trash and has become a playground for pets. McKinney said people can walk their dogs on the property and track “dog poo” on church property.

“They come into the church and put it on the carpet and stuff like that. You wouldn’t want that,” McKinney said.

McKinney said he and other church members have called and even visited 1 Government Center in person to see what can be done about the property, but nothing has changed.

When 13abc spoke with the City of Toledo representative, they said the lot received an F grade in the countywide review. The landlord was in Housing Court earlier this week for the violations. The bundle was eventually added to the city’s demo list.

“Nobody wants that in their neighborhood so we’d like it to go away as soon as possible,” McKinney said.

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