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Lincoln Littles Child Care Assistance Fund Donations Exceed $ 600,000

The Lincoln Community Foundation was clearly his path. In fact, under Bartle’s guidance:

• Foundation assets increased from $ 62 million to $ 190 million.

• Annual community grants increased from $ 4 million to over $ 21 million.

• Nebraska’s first community land trust was created to deal with affordable housing.

• Initiatives have been launched spearheading support for veterans, quality preschool education, revitalization of the downtown south, affordable housing, building strong neighborhoods and improvement projects fixed assets.

• The Foundation facilitated the extremely successful community development efforts of Lincoln Vital Signs and Prosper Lincoln.

But ask Bartle for the secret to her own success, and she inevitably points to others.

“Lincoln’s greatest asset is its people,” she says. “The Foundation has a 66-year history of building relationships with individuals, great staff, a board of community leaders, former board members, directors and donors. They are all ambassadors who work together, trust and drive the boldest dreams for our community. “

Kent Seacrest, Special Projects Consultant for the Foundation, describes Bartle: “She wakes up each morning recognizing that every Lincoln citizen has different circumstances, resources and opportunities – and works tirelessly the rest of the day to improve. Everyone’s Situation… Barb has the unique set of talent, knowledge and compassion to be able to successfully reach and communicate with broad segments of Lincoln citizens, advocates and leaders. She is a builder of bridges, consensus and fairness.


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