Buildings & Food acquires Good Company restaurant in Cleveland’s Battery Park neighborhood

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Good Company, the kitchen and bar in Cleveland’s Battery Park neighborhood, has joined the Buildings & Food hotel group.

Good Company, located at 1200 W. 76th St., Cleveland, joins a trio of Buildings & Food locations: Spotted Owl Tremont, Spotted Owl Akron and Prosperity Social Club. All three, including the culinary conglomerate, are owned by Will Hollingsworth.

From Hollingsworth’s perspective, bringing Good Company into the fold was a perfect fit.

He and Good Company founder Brett Sawyer “had been looking for a way to work together for some time,” said Hollingsworth, who said they discussed a merger but wanted to get through the “fog of war” caused by the pandemic. in the summer of 2021. .

So they thought of Good Company to provide snacks to Spotted Owl. One thing led to another, and the deal worked out well, Hollingsworth said.

“The good thing is that the restaurant (which) has such a good team and such a good product now has access to all the infrastructure that I have built in my business over the last few years,” said Hollingsworth, defining this as necessary marketing support as well as financial support.

“It’s very exciting on this spiritual level to be able to work with someone who is not only one of my best friends, but also someone I have tremendous respect for, but it’s also very exciting to have a brand that has this sort of potential within our little herd,” he said.

“I see it as a welcoming collective,” he said. “There are so many brands, so many products, restaurants and bars that have a really iconic but (also) new and fresh concept. They have a great product and a great team. But it took a lot of time, a lot risk and a lot of research to put in place the kind of infrastructure that we have in our business.”

What is needed, especially coming out of Covid, he said, is to have a clear marketing vision and a distinct voice. This means that Good Company will continue to serve tasty cheeseburgers and bone-dropping chicken wings, but will have more of a promotional push.

“I kind of look at the post-Covid world as war-torn feudal Japan,” said Hollingsworth, prone to scholarly analogies. “All those masterless samurai out there. …great product, great team, they really know what they’re doing. wanted to do something different or was bought out or left.

He hopes Buildings & Food will become a new kind of hospitality business in this market.

Sawyer will retain his team, which includes pastry chef/baker Nolan Tidwell, manager Jalyssa Stringer, bar manager Zachary Watson and chef Michael Stevens.

Following the acquisition, Good Company is developing small desserts for Spotted Owl and providing desserts and breads for Prosperity Social Club. Spotted Owl – a cocktail bar – offers Good Company access to exclusive syrups, sorbets and tinctures.

The future, as Hollingsworth sees it, is wide open.

“I’m really excited about it,” he said. “I always watch things. Brett and I are really excited. We have similar sensitivities, and we have a very similar sense of values. We are delighted to develop this sense of culture.

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