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Incumbents Steve Chabot (R) and Greg Landsman (D) are running in the November 8, 2022 general election for Ohio’s 1st congressional district.

The Cincinnati Investigator Scott Wartman wrote, “A change in district boundaries through redistricting gave Democrats a slight numerical advantage in what had been a reliable Republican district for the past decade.” Kos every day calculated what the results of the 2020 presidential election would have been in that district after the redistricting. Joe Biden (D) would have won 53.5% of the vote in that constituency and Donald Trump (R) would have won 45.0%. According’s Sabrina Eaton, “The new configuration of the district that Chabot represents includes all of Cincinnati, its eastern suburbs of Hamilton County, and all of Warren County.”

Chabot was first elected to represent the 1st Congressional District in 1994. He lost his re-election bid in 2008 but won re-election in 2010. Chabot said, “Nancy Pelosi’s politics, as well as the Biden administration, have done great damage to the country. We must repair this damage. We have to reverse a lot of things. Chabot said his main goals are “to improve the economy, reduce inflation and keep taxes as low as possible.” Chabot said, “I actually reach out to the Democrats, even though I’m a Republican and a conservative Republican. The best way to get things done in Congress is to walk across the aisle. And when I propose legislation, I almost always ask a Democrat to be a primary sponsor with me.

Landsman is a member of the Cincinnati City Council, a position to which he was first elected in 2017. Prior to joining the city council, Landsman was the executive director of StrivePartnership. Landsman said: “The opportunity in this election is not just to have someone who is going to vote to protect our democracy, who is going to end this chaos, who is going to codify Roe, but someone who is going to no not only to vote with them and for their interests, but also who is there all the time, in their neighborhoods, working on their issues.Landsman has campaigned to reduce inflation and raise the minimum wage, strengthen union laws and support the “codification of rights granted by Roe v. Wade at the federal level”.

In a campaign ad, Chabot said Landsman “hasn’t just worked for Nancy Pelosi, he’s more supportive of her tax-and-spend agenda.” Landsman said: ‘We can no longer be represented by someone who voted against relief checks for families, voted against rebuilding the Brent Spence Bridge, voted against funding to reopen schools and support workers frontline, and voted against certification of the 2020 presidential election”.

The outcome of this race will affect the partisan balance of the United States House of Representatives in the 118th Congress. All 435 House districts are up for election. Since September 20, 2022, Democrats have been holding a 221-212 advantage in the United States House with two vacancies.

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