Cincinnati needs a plan to reverse population decline

Crime, high taxes, and diminishing opportunities are driving Americans out of major American cities. Indeed, according to The Wall Street Journal8 out of 10 of our largest cities have lost population in recent years.

Cincinnati itself has gone from a population of 331,300 in 2000 to 308,929 in 2022, a loss of about 7%. While reducing crime by supporting our police is certainly one way to stem our decline, it takes more than that to keep the city vibrant.

Are the mayor and city council actively developing specific plans to help Cincinnati retain its citizens? If so, advertise it.

Charles Moffatt, Walnut Hills

Daugherty put readers first without the price of admission

As a reader of The inspector, I enjoyed the Sports section, in particular. Paul Daugherty’s writings touch on all aspects of life in the Midwest, not just sports. His description of so many items relating to the Reds and Bengals seems to put you in first place without the price of admission, which is fantastic for me bothered by physical difficulties. His communication skills seem to connect with the emotions of the reader. I listened to it on WLW’s SportsTalk and it was equally impressive. Cincinnati is surely blessed with his talent. I wish Paul a healthy and pleasant retirement, but I feel that he will always be in contact with all his fans!

George Morris, Circleville, Ohio

Grateful to live in a free country

Thank God we live in a country where we are free. A country where women are free to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, against their will. And that precious life, when he turns 18, is free to buy an assault weapon of war and free to try and slaughter as many other precious lives as he can. Thank God we live in a country where we are free.

Keith Sierveld, Newport

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