City Councilor Wants to Increase Neighborhood Watch Efforts>

City Councilor Donna Amandus said Schulz’s comments were “racist”


FORT MADISON – A Fort Madison city councilor wants the city to support additional community policing as the city has recently seen more violent crime.

At Tuesday night’s regular city council meeting, City Councilor Tom Schulz said he would like to work on organizing an event to bring people together around the Neighborhood Watch program.

“I spoke to the police chief about trying to strengthen our neighborhood watch system. With the exception of the 34th place group, it’s a bit of a slump, ”said Schulz.

The 34th Place group shone above the other groups, while also offering assistance in setting up other neighborhood watch programs. This group not only patrols the DuPont factory district near 34th Street and 34th Place, but it also hosts an annual block party, raises funds and offers scholarships.

Other groups such as Lincoln Neighborhood Watch Group and Dry Creek Neighborhood Watch were organized and a group in the downtown historic district was trying to organize, but COVID made it difficult for some of the groups to get together.

“I really want to try and run a big social media campaign, maybe even with the help of local media, to have an event to bring together people who are interested in trying to help monitor their community more,” Schulz said.

“We are seeing demographic changes in Fort Madison that no one can ignore at this point and we need more people to look after each other. I’m not 100% sure how to achieve this, but I’ll put more effort into it. There are a lot of people here who are retired and a lot of people who have the time. “

Bowker said she couldn’t pass up the demographic commentary.

Schulz said the changes he sees are apparent.

“The demographic change I’m seeing is that when I go to Casey’s in the morning, I wasn’t used to seeing six people sitting in front of the place or four people sitting in front of the place. Not that they are there for any particular reason that I know of, but they are there, ”said Schulz.

Bowker said his concern should be based on socio-economic data, not demographics such as age or race.

“These are more socio-economic factors that shouldn’t necessarily be defined by demographics,” Bowker said.

“More and more people are being shot and stabbed in Fort Madison and we really need to stop it,” Schulz said.

“Because of demographics? Bowker pushed.

City Councilor Donna Amandus called Schulz’s comments racist.

Schulz said there was nothing racist about his comment.

“Oh my God, that’s exactly what you meant,” Amandus said.

Mayor Mohrfeld took back control of the conversation and said he agreed that if there was anything city council could do to give watch groups a helping hand, they should get involved. .


“I’ve been a fan of them since I started and love to go down and dive into the dunk tank and fundraise, so Tom, I applaud this effort,” Mohrfeld said.

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