Cockroach infestation cancels Halloween for Detroit neighborhood

There are no treats, only cockroaches in a Detroit neighborhood and it’s such a shame city officials canceled Halloween.

Residents of a Wyandotte community have been notified that this year’s trick or treat will be canceled due to a huge cockroach infestation. According to the Detroit Free Press, the infestation of a vacant home was so severe that it spread to other homes along 20th Street. Worried, the city council voted to close the sleight of hand for “prevent cockroaches from clinging to children’s costumes” and enter other houses.

In a letter posted to a Downriver Facebook group signed by Gregory Mayhew and Councilman Todd Hanna, officials noted that “it’s not the city’s fault.” Hana explained to the Detroit Free Press The infestation was revealed a few weeks ago when the city’s waste management picked up a load of bug-swarming garbage outside a house that has since been evacuated.

As a result, the sidewalks will be closed Monday evening on a portion of 20th Street. According to reportsthe city is putting up human barricades and signs to close sidewalks on Eureka Street in Grove from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. including at the intersections of Orchard and Pine.

The city is about to start the extermination of cockroaches, but notes that the whole process will take time.

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