COVID Update for Henderson Kentucky and Green River District Health

HENDERSON, Ky. — The number of COVID-19 cases in the region continues to rise, with the Green River District Health Department reporting 2,533 new cases and six deaths Friday.

The GRDHD report spans three days from January 25-27. In its previous report on Tuesday, the health department counted 4,773 new cases and seven deaths, but over a period of six days.

The seven-day average for new cases rose to 848.9 per day. In the previous GRDHD report, this number was 813.7. A month ago, on December 28, it was 108 new cases per day.

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Henderson County reported 488 new cases and three deaths. The other deaths were two Daviess County residents and one from Union County. Daviess County had 1,268 cases, Ohio 299, Webster 165, Union 140, McLean 87 and Hancock 86.

All 120 counties in the state are now considered high transmission or “red” status areas. A high transmission area is defined as 25 or more cases per capita by the Kentucky Department for Public Health. Daviess has the highest incidence rate in the region at 337.6. Union has the lowest rate in the region at 202.6. The Henderson County incidence rate on Friday was 297.

“We are seeing an alarming increase in our incidence rates of COVID-19,” said Clay Horton, director of public health for GRDHD. “The best way to protect yourself and those you love is to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“If you haven’t yet been vaccinated, go get vaccinated today. If you’ve already been vaccinated and it’s time, give a booster. If you need to be in indoor public spaces, wear a mask. More important Again, if you feel sick, stay home and don’t infect others.”

This map released by the Kentucky Department for Public Health shows COVID-19 incidence rates for each of the state's 120 counties.

There have been 58,170 cases reported in the district since the start of the pandemic, with 747 deaths. Statewide, there have been 1,125,181 confirmed cases and 12,856 COVID-related deaths.

Henderson Mask Policies

Face masks are required in all Henderson city government buildings for city employees, visitors and customers.

Henderson County Schools has implemented universal masking for all students, faculty and visitors. On Thursday, the school system updated its Healthy at School plan, which continues to require the wearing of masks on school grounds and on buses. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended, but not mandatory, during extracurricular activities.

COVID Vaccine Information

Kentucky residents can visit to find a vaccine location and sign up to receive update notifications. Additional information about the COVID-19 vaccine is available at

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Retail pharmacies and health centers are also providing COVID-19 vaccines. Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard and Information: Kentucky COVID-19 Hotline: 800-722-5725 can answer general questions about the COVID-19 vaccine.


Cases reported by the Green River District Health Department are being investigated and confirmed locally. These cases are then reported to the Kentucky Department for Public Health.

On Friday, the total number of cases reported in the Green River District by county, current hospitalizations related to COVID-19, cases never hospitalized, the number of deaths by county and the percentage of residents who have received at least one dose of the vaccine are :

Davies: 27,455 13,626,344 58.46

Hancock: 2,144 1 36 21 65.37

Henderson: 12,135 3,267,144 57.26

McLean: 2,328 0 79 46 53.75

Ohio: 6,759 5,193 91 43.57

Union: 3,830 0 122 53 46.25

Webster: 3,519 0 101 48 50.78

Total: 58,170 22 1,424,747 NA

Additional demographic information

Average age: 39

Age range: 5 days to 104 years

Male: 46.5%

Women: 53.5%

GRDHD COVID-19 cases by age group

1-11: 8%

12-19: 12%

20-29: 17%

30-39: 17%

40-49: 15%

50-59: 13%

60-69: 10%

70-79: 5%

80+: 3%

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