Dangerous trees must be removed from the Cleveland neighborhood

Multiple windstorms left resident Moses Garner without power for long periods as temperatures soared.

CLEVELAND — Wednesday morning was a happy time for Cleveland resident Moses Garner.

After severe storms swept through northeast Ohio nearly a month ago, Garner’s home was left in a dangerous state. Downed trees caused continuous inflows and outflows of electricity, greatly affecting his quality of life.

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Multiple windstorms since the initial severe storm left it without power for long periods as temperatures soared throughout the northeast Ohio region.

Earlier this week, 3News spoke to Garner about his struggles to reach anyone in town after his pleas for help went unanswered. Thankfully, after several more calls to the city from concerned citizens, Garner is finally seeing results.

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Tree removal services finally began the process of removing downed trees on Wednesday morning. Garner was relieved to see crews at work after the recent heat wave caused him more than a few uncomfortable days and nights.

Garner didn’t know help would be on the way until he stepped out for his morning paper. He said, “When I went out and got my morning paper, they were already there.”

Its power was finally restored and the rest of the trees will fall on Thursday.

The electric wires intertwined with trees are finally cleared. Garner’s lawn has finally been mowed after a three week wait. Garner is grateful to his councilman (and Cleveland City Council President) Blane Griffin, who came on Tuesday to help start the removal process.

Garner is also grateful to 3News for bringing his dire situation to light.

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