Dave Chappelle spoke out against the affordable housing plan in his community

According to the Dayton Daily News, a plan to Oberer Homes can go ahead, but without affordable housing originally planned as part of a development of single-family homes, townhouses and duplexes to build on a 53 zone acres south edge of town.

The publication said the village had worked with Oberer on the development.

Chappelle, who plans to open a restaurant and comedy club in the area under his company Iron Table Holdings LLC, was one of many to speak at a village council meeting on the project on Monday.

As seen on a video posted on the YouTube page of Yellow Springs Community Access, Chapel asked why the board would support the housing plan “when he launched a company 65 million per year.”

“I can’t believe you’re making me an audition for you,” Chappelle said. “You look like clowns. I don’t bluff. I’ll take everything off the table. »

The Dayton Daily News reported that he was one of many residents who spoke out against the Affordable Housing Party.

The council ultimately found itself in a stalemate by voting two in favor and two against.

In December 2021, the Yellow Springs News reported that Chappelle, who lives near the planned development, told a council meeting that he was “categorically opposed” to the proposal that would add “140 mixed-income homes to the town “.

“I’ve invested millions of dollars in town. If you push this stuff, what I’m investing in is no longer applicable,” he said. “I would say Oberer can buy all this property from me if he wants to be your benefactor because I won’t want to anymore.”

CNN has reached out to Chappelle’s reps for comment.

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