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Throughout the fall and winter, Eastwood FFA has proven itself in various career development events.

CDEs are designed to develop crucial skills that students will need in the future. These activities allow students to demonstrate their ability to judge, identify and memorize information. Additionally, CDEs help teach responsibility, teamwork, and communication.

The first fall CDE of the year was the Soil Evaluation Competition. The goal of the Soils Career Development contest is to teach students how to identify different types of soil. They also learn how soil quality affects agricultural crops and their production. In the Urban Soil Competition, students learn how to analyze soils for building and constructing houses and other structures.

Urban and rural soil teams moved to the districts. In the urban team, Grace Kingery placed 26th and Lydia Thornton 36th. In the rural team, Riley Burtchin placed sixth, Brianna Patterson 17th, Noah Lang 27th, Jesse Sundermeier 34th, Carter Foos 35th, Luke Brinker 38th, Cole Kiefer 45th and Emma Kiefer 50th. The team collectively placed 6th overall.

The next CDE of the year was Job Interview. The job interview is one of the most applicable FFA competitions. Candidates complete a job application, submit a resume and cover letter, undergo a mock interview, and finish by writing a thank-you letter. In County Division 1, Riley Burtchin placed first and Wyatt Oestreich placed 3rd. In Division 3, Katie Oestreich placed first and Mariah Hahn placed second. In Division 4, Jacob Gallant placed fourth. Riley Burthin, Katie Oestreich and Mariah Hahn all made their way to the district event.

At Districts, Riley Birchin placed third in Division 1 and in Division 3, Mariah Hahn placed first and Katie Oestreich played third. Mariah Hahn then moved on to the state competition. At State, Mariah Hahn placed first in Division 3 and advanced to the State Finals where she placed 5th overall.

Next, Eastwood FFA participated in the CDE parliamentary proceedings. The team uses parliamentary procedure to conduct a mock meeting before a panel of judges. Members take a test and answer questions on basic knowledge of parliamentary procedure. They have six parliamentary capacities and two minutes to prepare for their meeting. During the meeting, students are judged on their knowledge of abilities as well as their opening discussions and ceremonies.

The Parliamentary Procedure Team consisted of members Katie Oestriech, Olivia Newsome, Jesse Sundermeier, Mallory Kramer, Mariah Hahn and Mallory Kramer. Cole Kiefer and Hannah Lang also served as alternates. At the county level, the team placed first where it then moved to the districts.

At the district, the team placed first and continued on state. At the state level, the team placed third in their chamber.

Eastwood FFA also participated in the Food Science CDE. This competition consists of the design of food products, taste tests, analysis of nutritional content, determination of the difference between the flavors of foods, as well as a written test. In the district event, the team placed first, which advanced them in the districts. The team swept the top four spots with Olivia Newsome in first place, Sophia D’Amore in second, Avery Charville in third and Grace Kingery in fourth.

At the state level, the team was also successful. They placed fifth overall at Ohio State.

Currently, Eastwood FFA is competing in the Public Speaking CDE. The first level of public speaking career development event is the Creed competition. Participating students must memorize 5 paragraphs of the FFA Credo, recite it in front of a jury and answer questions related to the Credo. Emily Payne placed first and Wyatt Oestreich placed second and Emily moves on to the district event.

In the improvisational speaking competition, students must prepare a 4-6 minute speech on a random topic in 30 minutes. Haley Sponaugle placed first in the county and Jacob Gallant placed second. Sponaugle goes to the district event.

In the Advanced Prepared competition, students must write a 6-8 minute speech, memorize it, and present it to a panel of judges. Katie Oestriech placed first and advances to the district competition. In the Prepared Beginner contest, students write a 4-6 minute speech.

Sophia D’Amore placed first and is also advancing to the district competition.

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