Final NYS Senate District Map Released, Griffo Receives Good News

Local officials sparked a flurry of negative comments to a state Supreme Court justice this week after Oneida County split off, excluding Utica and New Hartford from Sen. Joe Griffo’s new district .

“We’ve done an incredible job of making our case,” Sen. Griffo said Saturday morning after in the early hours of the morning Judge Patrick McAliister released the state Senate’s final map and it was a good one. news for Oneida County. “We’re still running the map, but we were able to keep Oneida County whole,” he said.

New York State’s newly drawn and now final 47th Senate District will now include all of Oneida County, including Utica and New Hartford, all of Madison County, parts of southern Herkimer County and a northern part of Chenango County.

The new finalized map is the 4th arrondissement of Griffo in 5 months. The longtime state senate member laughed at the confusion of the whole process and said he was glad it was finally done. He said he had a friendly chat with the leaders of Cooperstown on Saturday morning, joking that he was that community’s representative for 2 days. The same is true for most of Herkimer County, which is now in Senate District 49. Cooperstown will now be in Senate District 51.

NYS Senate 53

NYS Senate 53

Hundreds of community members and local officials have emailed complaints to Judge McAllister explaining why the map submitted by an independent ‘master’ earlier this week that split Oneida County was a disservice to the community. “Judge McAllister agreed,” Griffo said.

The new map, along with the finalized map of the Congressional District, was released just after midnight. The Congress card remained almost exactly as submitted earlier this week by Special Master Jonathan Cervas.

The proposed Congress map redrawn by New York court order. May 16, 2022. Credit: JONATHAN CERVAS

The proposed Congress map redrawn by New York court order. May 16, 2022. Credit: JONATHAN CERVAS

The finalized congressional map will create a new 22nd district that will include all of Oneida, Madison, and Onondaga counties. This means that Onondaga County will serve as the dominant population base in the new 22nd. On Friday, Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente announced he would not run for Congress. Madison County’s Steven Wells kicked off his campaign for the 22nd on Wednesday. The entirety of Herkimer County will be in the 21st congressional district, where Elise Stefanik is the incumbent and will be running for re-election.

Early Saturday morning, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, House Representative in the current 22nd, announced she would run for the 24th congressional district, encompassing Oswego, which is currently part of her district. Under a previous map, Tenney planned to run in the 23rd congressional district, which is in the Finger Lakes Southern-Tier. It is unclear whether Tenney will move from New Hartford to his new neighborhood. House members are not required to live in the district they serve.

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