Have you seen this truck?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) — Neighbors on West 95th Street in the city’s Cudell neighborhood are proud of their yards, but in February they said property values ​​had started to drop.

According to locals, it was because a house was demolished and no one came to clean up the huge pile of mess left behind.

“When I first passed by here, it started to smell like spring,” a neighbor told 19 News.

Since then, people have made the problem worse by adding their own trash to the heap.

There were mattresses and shopping carts, even a toilet in the front yard.

Neighbors contacted the 19 News Troubleshooter team after not hearing from Cleveland city officials.

The 19 News Troubleshooter team reached out to Cleveland City Councilwoman Jenny Spencer who released the statement below on June 19, 2022.

“The conditions at this facility are unacceptable. The Ward 15 Council Office has been working closely with the Building and Housing Department to have the debris removed from this property as soon as possible. We hope that the integrity of the neighborhood will be restored immediately after the procedures required by the City scheduled for next week.

On Wednesday, June 29, the 19 News recovery team returned to the neighborhood and found a private company clearing the grounds.

“I heard them at eight o’clock this morning, and I said oh hallelujah, you know praise the Lord,” a neighbor said.

The next day, the company told 19 News that someone dumped more trash, this time cement blocks, in the parking lot.

The team looked to see if neighbors had caught the truck dumping the blocks on camera, but found no video.

Luckily, a neighbor sent in a 19 News video that she captured. Unfortunately, the truck had no license plates.

But the driver told the neighbor that he was dropping off the cement bricks and would come back for them the next morning, but he never did.

If you’ve seen this truck, you’re being asked to call the Cleveland PD.

The neighbors hope to catch the person who did it, so their neighborhood can stay clean.

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