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Online loans are quick, convenient, and can be very useful for a variety of purposes. PaydayLoanHelpers  online loan request process is very convenient. The loan disbursal is also quick and you can find the money in your account within one business day.

PaydayLoanHelpers works towards building your financial future and rewards responsible borrowers with more favorable terms on future loans. We also offer useful tools to help you improve your financial awareness.

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Tell me more about PaydayLoanHelpers online loans

Online loans are a great option for anyone who needs cash quickly and who can repay back the loan over regular repayments. Online loans are quick and convenient and they can help the borrower rebuild his/her credit.

As the name suggests, online loans are requested online. Because of the use of technology, the entire loan request and approval process is very quick.

This is unlike the situation at traditional financial institutions like banks where borrowers have to wait for days and weeks and go through lots of paperwork in order to secure a loan. Tax-paying Americans can get loan approval within minutes, save time, and solve their cash needs with an online loan.

For what purposes can an online loan be borrowed? 

The beauty of online loans is that you can use them for any purpose. Most borrowers tend to borrow online loans when they are facing an emergency financial situation like unexpected medical bills, a surprise car breakdown requiring significant repairs, or some unusual event in their personal life which calls for significant amounts of money.

People sometimes also use online loans to consolidate their smaller loans or to make a down payment on a car purchase.

How are online loans different from conventional loans? 

Traditional brick-and-mortar lenders offer personal installment loans while online lenders also offer such loans (online loans). As the name suggests, installment loans are repaid back over a series of regular repayments. Online loans also work in the same way. The borrower gets a lump-sum disbursal amount and then the principal plus interest is repaid back through a series of repayments.

So the actual loan product is similar in the case of both online and offline (brick-and-mortar) lenders. The difference, then, is in the entire customer experience and the way the two lenders process the loans.

At a traditional financial institution like a bank or an offline lender, you first have to make a visit to the physical store/branch in person.

Once you meet the bank representative, you are provided with a list of documents that you have to submit. Once all of your information and documentation is submitted, the bank begins the credit review process. This process alone can take several days.

If all goes as planned, the bank gives you a loan offer along with the terms and conditions. If you accept the loan offer, then there is some more processing until the bank finally disburses your loan amount.

This disbursal also takes a few days and only then will you see the money in your account. So, the entire process is quite time-consuming and bureaucratic.

Now contrast that approach with an online loan process. You can sit in your living room and make a request whenever you want.

Websites run 24X7. Once your information is received, you get an instant decision on whether you have been approved for a loan or not. If you are approved, then you receive a loan offer along with the terms and conditions electronically. You accept the offer and there is every chance of the money getting disbursed within one business day.

So, with online lenders like PaydayLoanHelpers, the entire loan processing timeline is compressed and the decisions are quick.

What makes PaydayLoanHelpers a good loan provider to work with? 

Borrowers like to work with PaydayLoanHelpers for their online loan requirements because we offer some key benefits over other lenders.

Firstly, we allow you the flexibility of choosing your payment dates and the loan amount that you wish to borrow. Soon after you receive approval for an online loan, you are given the option of designing your loan by selecting the payment date that suits you. You also get to select the loan amount between a range of $500 to $5000. Some of these options will depend on the state in which you reside. PaydayLoanHelpers offers you some degree of flexibility in deciding some of the loan terms.

Secondly, if you are a responsible borrower and pay your loan back in time, we reward your good behavior. We have offered better rates to hundreds of thousands of our past customers because they have repaid their loans back on time. We provide competitive rates and drop the rates for disciplined borrowers.

Thirdly, we disburse loan amounts quickly once you approve the loan offer. We also process loan requests quickly and give you an instant decision.

Lastly, by working with PaydayLoanHelpers, you have the opportunity to improve your financial foundation. We provide you with helpful tools like credit monitoring, financial education resources, and credit alerts that allow you to stay on top of your finances and follow best practices.


Everything sounds great. So, how do I request a loan from PaydayLoanHelpers?

You need to do the following in order to request an online loan from PaydayLoanHelpers:

  •         Ensure that you are at least 18 years of age. This is a legal requirement.
  •         Your state of residence should be a state where we are authorized to do business.
  •         Provide us with your name, valid address, and valid contact information.
  •         Have a working and valid bank account. We need an account where we can send you the loan amount.
  •         Have a source of income. It allows us to evaluate your ability to repay back the loan.

All you have to do is log on to our website and fill out the loan request form (insert link). Once you send us your basic information, we will provide you with an approval decision instantly. After you submit the loan request form, we may ask you for additional documents in order to verify something specific that we may need to, depending on a case-to-case basis.

If we do not approve your loan request, then we will provide you with the reason for denial. If you are approved, then you can move to the next step which is the terms and conditions of the loan.

Here, you may have some flexibility in setting your own terms in areas like the loan amount and payment dates.

The entire loan processing is quick, efficient, and customer-friendly.

What factors should I watch out for when comparing various online loans? 

When you shop around for online loans, it is important to find out the fees, interest rates, and any other charges that the lender is asking for.

Also, find out the payment schedule and the term or duration of the loan that the lender offers. Compare these metrics for all the short-listed online loans that you find interesting. Lastly, it is important to watch out for automatic rollovers and prepayment penalties. You may end up needing payday loan consolidation.

Is there anything else that I should be aware of? 

It is always important to do your homework before borrowing money. Study all the details about online loans and about the terms and conditions that are on offer. Also, be aware of advertisement messages like “no credit” check or “bad credit” loans. Such loans are risky and therefore come with high-interest rates and fees. The penalties can be stiff on such unsecured loans and the terms can be extreme as well.

PaydayLoanHelpers is here to help you with the funds you need and allow you to become financially secure in the future. We reward responsible borrowing and offer competitive rates. Our loan request process is customer-friendly and fast. Our online loans can be paid back over a fixed duration of time and can help you tide over any short-term financial difficulties. We help you with your financial needs.

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