Local gardener wins prize, Girl Scouts visit police: Community News Update

Local Gardener and Seacoast Permaculture Organizer Receives Statewide Award

BARRINGTON – In February 2022, Amy Antonucci of Barrington, NH received the Mentor of The Year award from the Northeast Organic Farming Association of NH. Each year, NOFA-NH recognizes the best of the best in NH’s organic farming community at an awards ceremony at their annual winter conference. Recipients are chosen through an online nomination process. This year, Antonucci was selected as Mentor of the Year.

“NOFA-NH is proud to have presented Amy Antonucci with our 2022 Mentor of the Year Award. Amy has been an outspoken advocate for regenerative permaculture in our state for years, leading discussions, giving tours of her farm in permaculture, educating new and experienced growers, and expanding the impact of our shared work through strategic partnerships, all to benefit New Hampshire farmers and gardeners.” – Nikki Kolb, NOFA-NH Operations Manager

Antonucci said: “I have been attending lectures and classes through NOFA for 25 years. Having learned so much this way, I have also tried to give back and pass it on. It means a lot to me to be recognized for that.”

Antonucci began growing food on an organic and CSA farm in Stratham, NH in 1995. She later became a certified permaculture designer and transitioned to farming and teaching others at Living Land Permaculture Homestead in Barrington, where she raises bees, poultry, goats and gardens using organic methods and writes about her work at www.livinglandpermaculture.com. She is the main organizer of Seacoast Permaculture, has spoken at libraries, schools, garden clubs and the NOFA-NH Winter Conference.

Stacey Purslow, who sits on the Seacoast Permaculture Board of Directors, said, “Amy is incredibly deserving of this award. Her commitment to teaching and practicing permaculture has been an inspiration to many throughout New Hampshire, and her participation in the Seacoast Permaculture Meetup gives many people access to the breadth of her knowledge.

Antonucci will be giving classes next spring and information about these events is available at www.meetup.com/Seacoast-NH-Permaculture.

Community members recognized for their collective involvement in ending child abuse at Champions for Children event

PORTSMOUTH – On April 29, the Child Advocacy Center of Rockingham County will honor seven deserving recipients at its eleventh annual Champions for Children Awards, held at the Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. 30. This year’s champions include Frank Firicano (Council Member), Officer Brad Von Haden (Kensington Police Department), Corissa Leonard (Children, Youth and Families Division), Elias Tyrrel-Walker ( HAVEN), Megan Ryan (Rockingham County District Attorney’s Office), Detective Mike Titone (Seabrook Police Department), and Stacey Parker (Children, Youth and Families Division). Each of these individuals, along with their families and colleagues, will be recognized for their tireless and selfless efforts to improve outcomes for children and families in our community.

Child abuse and neglect is not just a social problem, a legal problem or a medical problem; it is ultimately a child and family problem. To solve it, each of us in social work, law enforcement, the justice system, mental and medical health, and the community must work together. The Rockingham County Child Advocacy Center may be leading a brave mission, but investigative, support, and preventive services are entirely a group effort. As we observe National Child Abuse Prevention Month, it’s an especially appropriate time to celebrate our team members who are committed to ending child abuse before it starts.

A new Girl Scout Troop in Dover is making new friends and ready to learn

New Dover Girl Scout Troop 62042 enjoyed a visit to their local police station.

DOVER – Girl Scout Troop 62042 has been very active since forming in December, learning life skills that will serve them well as they grow. The troop includes 10 first-year daisies from the Dover area.

Troupe leader Jody Bird said: ‘We started slowly with the aim of getting to know each other and making new friends, but over the past few months the girls have also learned about recycling and upcycling, identifying and celebrating each other. of their unique traits, ways of being kind and much more. They did it while doing some sweet dance moves at our dance parties which the girls considered a requirement at every troupe meeting. The girls recently worked on their Respect Authority petal by visiting our local police station and touring the facility with one of our local police officers.

The Daisy Girl Scouts of Troop 62042 have been busy learning and making new friends since forming in December.

Bird, his co-leader Mackenzie Eaton and the troupe look forward to more fun outings, including local hikes, an engineering class and attending their community’s transition ceremony.

Girls are welcome to join the Girl Scouts at any time of the year. Participate by joining an existing troop, forming a new troop, or even as an individual member. For more information, visit www.girlscoutsgwm.org.

Tri City Subaru share the love again

From left, Mike Arthur, Jordan Plante, Andy Cyr, Andrea Lizio, Josh Kidd, Brian Santos, Deb Mueller, Anthony Lanciano, Chloe Langmaid, Craig Enslin, Kathleen LaBranche, Michael Carr, Claire Bloom, Rob Arthur, Jim Harris, Matt Dugal, David Rosenberg, Mike Bickford, Vince Michuad.

SOMERSWORTH — Tri City Subaru shares the love again, bringing its total donation to End 68 Hours of Hunger to nearly $150,000. At the end of each year, Subaru leads a nationwide campaign to share its profits with charities across the country, and our Lake County Ohio program and our Dover, Rochester and Somersworth programs in New Hampshire have benefited enormously from their donations to support children’s food on weekends.

This year, Tri City Subaru again shared its profits with the Rochester, Somersworth and Dover programs and presented Claire Bloom, founder and volunteer CEO, with a check for over $17,000.

Last year, Tri City Subaru became the fifth of our Charter Sponsors, organizations giving us over $68,000 in donations. The others are Bottomline Technologies, Timberland, Good Karma Family Trust and Hannafords.

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