Madisonville neighborhood residents concerned about continued violence


CINCINNATI (WXIX) – The continuous gunfire in a Madisonville neighborhood makes a resident feel like he’s living in the Old West.

The Chandler and Glenshade area is plagued by continued violence.

In April, Cincinnati police called the intersection a “crime hot spot.”

Months later, nothing seems to have changed, says Brandyn Norman.

On November 22, there was the sound of a gunshot and the whistling of the bullet. The day before, more shots were heard, explains Norman.

Neighbors say the issue is with a private house across the street, where gunshots were heard on the 22nd.

“It was scary,” Norman said. “My girlfriend and I were inside watching TV and hearing this. We immediately looked outside. There were enough shots where we could look outside, and as we watch, they are still going. “

A report from the Cincinnati Police Department shows that a total of 14 shots were fired when a woman told officers that she and her son were approached by two people demanding personal property.

The woman told police that the suspects pointed a gun at her son’s head and started shooting when she left.

Norman says he spoke with Chris Smitherman, chairman of the city’s law and public safety committee, on Thursday. He says he didn’t get the answers he was looking for.

“Living here, it’s been, I mean, you know the neighborhood is great, all the neighbors here, but it looks like there’s a house here that’s caused a lot of trouble,” Norman said. “I think the police are aware of this and that we just need to do something and I don’t know what the solution is yet.”

The CPD is short of around 150 officers and this includes staff at the District 2 headquarters on Erie Avenue.

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