Marietta City Superintendent of Schools prepares for a fresh start and a new district

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) — “Starting first year here, getting to know all the administrators this week, and finding out where we are in program adoption,” says Brad Silvus, Superintendent of Schools for the City of Marietta. “We have several new study programs that we are in place and ready to move forward.”

New superintendent, Brad Silvus says he is ready for the new school year.

District staff, like Marietta Elementary Principal Brittany Schob, say everyone is looking forward to working with the new person in charge.

“So we’re excited to come together and look forward to what we can do with our future,” says Schob. “Our goal is always to think about how we can improve, what we can do better for our students. So we look forward to meeting him and talking about it with him in our community and with our staff as a whole.

Silvus says he can’t wait to meet the rest of his colleagues.

And see areas where staff think there is need for improvement.

“I want to observe, see what’s going on, what’s working well,” says Silvus. “And in areas where we need work, that’s when we come together and talk about ‘How can we do this better?'”

And the superintendent change isn’t the only newest area for the school district.

Other new additions to the school district are the new driver education program, the district literacy committee – which is designed to get children more active in reading – and the creation of career opportunities for students. from college.

“Having seventh and eighth grades in high school, we worked on ‘Career Ed’ experiences,” says Tim Fleming, director of curriculum and technology for Marietta City Schools. Rinard in high school and his assistants worked very hard and were able to create some of those opportunities that you get later as a junior and senior for our seventh and eighth years.”

Silvus says these new programs will be great ways to examine their impact and help students and staff.

“So I think the changes are really going to expand from ‘What are the concerns? And ‘Where are we struggling or what other barriers and how are we breaking down those barriers for teachers and students?’ This is the critical starting point,” says Silvus.

The first day of school for students at Marietta City School is August 24.

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