Minneapolis project explores network resilience at the neighborhood level

GRID: Xcel Energy is partnering with community groups to develop “Resilience Centers” in three Minneapolis neighborhoods where solar and storage-powered microgrids will provide emergency backup power and additional grid balancing options. (Energy Information Network)

• A team of American researchers is studying how power outages affect public healthwhich is part of a burgeoning new field known as climatic epidemiology. (Inside Climate News)
• Allied Energy offers annual payments of $25 customers in Wisconsin who let the utility control their thermostats during peak periods. (WPR)

Rising Costs Cancel Solar Developer’s Contract to build a 64 MW project for Columbia, Missouri – a setback for the city’s efforts to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2035. (Missourian)
• The former mayor of Lima, Ohio, now works for a Michigan startup trying to grow solar power generation in space. (Lima News)

CARBON CAPTURE: A company in Lincoln, Nebraska, claims to have received more than 300 million dollars of investors as it builds a second carbon black plant aimed at decarbonizing fertilizers and other products. (newspaper star)

PIPES: after a judge acquit an activist Accused of “aiding and abetting trespassing” during last year’s Line 3 protests, opponents are renewing their calls for Minnesota officials to drop charges against hundreds more. (MPR News)

• General Motors CEO Mary Barra says she believes the company can overtake Tesla this decade as America’s top seller of electric vehicles. (Associated Press)
• The growing demand for materials to manufacture batteries for electric vehicles has highlighted a nickel mine in Michiganthe only one in the United States (MLive)

COAL: During a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Nebraska’s Largest Coal Power Planta manager of a public service declares that “the site will always be part of our generation” but that the type of production may change with the energy transition of the public service. (KNOP-TV)

• An executive of a small modular nuclear reactor company says that the technology could be a good choice to replace coal-fired power plants in the Ohio Valley. (Herald Dispatch)
• Southwest Michigan officials hope to attract new employers to the area to compensate for job losses of the retirement of the Palisades Nuclear Generating Station. (MiBiz)

CLEAN ENERGY: Northwestern Minnesota town participates in design project a “regenerative” community that produces more energy than it uses through solar panels, energy efficiency and other strategies. (Herald of Grand Forks)

COMMENT: National security starts with keeping the lights onwrites a retired navy admiral who says we need to prepare our power grid for climate change and a rapid transition to clean energy. (Ohio Capital Journal)

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