Neighborhood Guide: Grandview in Columbus, Ohio

When you’re heading towards grandviewyou visit a place in Columbus known for local shopping this ranges from local restaurants to cafes to furniture stores. The neighborhood has grown since the beginnings of our town, so we wanted to check what is currently being prepared here. If you haven’t explored in a while, it might be time to rediscover why so many people – maybe even you – to like call him home.

must know

You’re not the only one with your eyes on Grandview. In 2020, the population of the region grown up by 23%. You wonder why ? Although we can’t say for sure, Grandview is known for its popular restaurants and bars like Stauf Coffee Roasters, Grandview Cafeand Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Other well-known venues in the area include the classic Grandview Theater and Drafthouseor the Grandview Heights Schools.

CBUStoday Memorial Park in 1948

Memorial Park was dedicated to 17 high school students who died in World War II in 1948.

The first days

As Grandview continues to become a popular neighborhood, Did you know this is one of the first suburbs of Columbus? All started in 1906 when Grandview Heights was incorporated as a village where the community elected Samuel C. Jones as its first mayor. By 1910Census data shows that the village had a population of 489 inhabitants.

Grandview began to take shape when the village launched its first school in 1911 + holding his first degree in 1916. The coming decades include the first ever women’s basketball team (1921), the Grandview Public Library (1924), and the Grand View Pool (1930).

can’t miss

You only have a few minutes to waste here? We recommend that you hang a giant cookie on Lion cub cookies which updates its menu every week with old cookies like lime pie + s’mores.


Local is all the rage in Grandview — the community is full of small businesses that stand out.

  • Reinvent your living space with Wall decoration, period furniture, and canapes of Grandview Mercantile.
  • To find affordable jewelry at Red Giraffe Drawings it was designed + created by its owner, Kate Stevens.
  • NET Grandview offers a curated collection of women’s clothing + organizes events like Fall Fridays where new arrivals hit the shelves.


With about 45 acres of green area in Grandview, there are many ways to get out.

  • Wyman Woods Park1520, boul. Goodale.
  • McKinley Park1661, boul. Goodale.
  • Grandview Heights Memorial Park1135 W. 2nd Ave.
  • Virginia Avenue Park1227 Parkway Drive.

CBUStoday DK Diner donuts

DK Diner donuts make Homer Simpson jealous.

eat + drink

Whether you are looking for a early morning brunch or evening dinnerkeep it local to Grandview.

  • Create your own egg sandwich or catch a donut at DK dinner for a quick + delicious breakfast.
  • Have lunch or brunch at Alchemy Kitchen who offers smoothies, avocado toast, power bowls, and sandwiches.
  • Need a caffeine break? Boston Stoker Coffee Co. has two slots — 771 Neil Ave. + 1101 W. 1st St.
  • Dine on upscale American classics As meatloaf + truffle juice of Third & Hollywood.


Not only does Grandview have a local cinema, this theater also serves beer. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

arts + culture

Explore art galleries, attend local festivals and discover murals.

  • Workshop and open-door art gallery walk with artists with intellectual disabilities to highlight their creations + supports local developmental disability services.
  • Browse local storespick up goods from 120+ pop-up sellersand enjoy live music at Grandview Hopa monthly street festival of june to september.
  • stop 1488 Grandview Avenue to find this fresco close to ancient Sweet carrot.


If you are traveling by car, where can you leave it? In Grandview, we recommend downloading the Columbus Parking App for quick and easy payment for street parking. There is also a couple public car park + garage choice :

  • The parking lot behind Stauf’s + Jeni’s is free on weekdays from 8am-6pmor on time on weekends using ParcMobilenot the city parking app.
  • The Grandview Court offers 5,500 parking spaces in its lot + garage, paying using the ParcMobile application.

Or live

If you’re sold + looking to buy a home in the area, here are some housing options currently on the market:

  • 1363 Westwood Avenue | 1 CA, 1 BA | $358,900 | Find a well-located home near schools Grandview Heights + offers a detached garage.
  • 1362 Elmwood Avenue | 3 BR, 2 BA | $469,900 | This two-story home is over 1,300 square feet with a fireplace and three-season room.
  • 882 Burr Ave. | 3 BR, 3 BA | $799,900 | Make yourself comfortable in this three-story townhouse in Grandview Yard with over 2,100 square feet of living space.

Where to work

Don’t live here, but want to spend as much time as possible in Grandview? Discover some current job offers in the zone.

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