Next Door Fire Hazard Concerning Palmer Street Residents

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) — For the past 30 years, Sandra White has lived in the Lagrange neighborhood, and the house next door has been a concern.

White said recently that the house had become a nightmare.

“My biggest fear is that this mess over there will burn down my house. Now I can’t sleep at night because of this one. I’m afraid someone will walk by and turn it on,” White said.

A few weeks ago, a fire at a vacant property damaged her house, burned her fence, broke windows and damaged her siding.

“My grandson said to me, ‘he said ‘Graham the garage is on fire.’ “I ran upstairs, looked out the window and a quarter was on fire. By the time I got to 911 and they dispatched the fire department, it was totally engulfed in flames,” said White said.

According to White, since the house was abandoned, people have used the land as a dumping ground, which has only made the fire worse.

“They stole the garage door because it was metal. And once they stole that garage door, it was free dumping. They threw everything there. Every day I woke up and looked out my kitchen window and all I saw was more junk there,” White said.

White said he was told the house was owned by LandBank. When 13abc contacted LandBank, they said no, but it is owned out of state in Texas.

LandBank President and CEO David Mann calls this situation unfortunate, as it does not appear that the owner has any intention of cleaning up the mess.

When tracking down the owner, Stewardship Fund LP, it appears they were in hot water for making false statements to investors. False claims that their money was used to buy and restructure home loan pools and not follow through.

13abc is still awaiting a response from the City of Toledo regarding what can be done for this property and if it is on the demolition list.

White said she hoped something would happen soon before it was too late. “If homeless people start coming in there, it’s winter time, and try to make a fire and set it on fire. There goes my home, my place to stay. said White.

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