North Olmsted City School District announces additional cuts of $1 million for 2022-23

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio — As promised when residents voted against a new $7.8 million combined issue last month, the North Olmsted City School District recently announced cuts of $1 million for the year school year 2022-2023.

This includes eliminating 14 positions and reducing course offerings.

“The cuts we have are tough,” Superintendent David J. Brand said. “They are good people who have done great things for the district.

“It will be more than 120 fewer staff next year than the last time a levy was passed in 2010.”

The recent decision comes on top of a previous cost reduction of $2 million, which includes $1.2 million in savings from staff reductions, as well as planned savings of $800,000 related to the closure of Forest and Spruce primary schools at the end of this school. year.

“At this point, we’ve cut over $3 million from next year,” Brand said. “So the district has made cuts, but any future cuts will be catastrophic for the educational environment.”

Additionally, the district will implement the state’s minimum bus transportation, which means providing transportation only to K-8 students who live more than two miles from their school. Secondary students will not be transported by bus.

The district is also reinstating transportation fees for athletic and extracurricular activities starting next school year. Details on extracurricular fees and course offerings will be announced this summer.

Cost reduction measures relate to the mitigation of fixed funding and an anticipated deficit.

The latest defeat at the polls comes exactly a year after residents also voted against an 8.5 million farm tax.

“We’re always reflecting on what the community has told us,” Brand said. “It showed us that we need to communicate more and make sure the whole community hears how this plan saves money and improves education while being the lowest cost option for everyone.”

The social media response to the district’s swab effort has not been kind. Residents questioned its timing due to high inflation and rising costs.

While Brand said he understands the current economic climate, which is causing schools in the town of North Olmsted to pay higher fuel costs, he noted that in the current state of the district, its buildings Half-century-old elementary schools over the next decade will require $60 million in major upgrades. .

The impetus for the recent issuance of new funds was to cover not only future operations for a district currently experiencing declining enrollment, fixed funding and a future financial shortfall, but also the construction of a new PreK-5 building. of $58 million at approximately 20- Birch Elementary School site.

As for returning to voters this fall with the same or another fresh money issue, Brand said a district decision would be made before the Aug. 10 deadline for the November ballot.

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