Oak Harbor has the right streak to launch a 20-win team in the district

There should be a sign near third base when Oak Harbor is on defense stating: No Occupancy.

Rockets right fielder Sydney Overmyer won’t let his opponents go anyway. The eldest cancels visits from wayward travelers, with the help of innkeeper Remi Gregory at third base.

Overmyer kicked out three or four runners trying to move up to third while the team was in Florida. She erased three others in Ohio.

“Before, I was a catcher,” she said. “I have a receiver arm. I couldn’t have done it without Remi [Gregory]. She put the labels down. I just threw it away. When I see [coach Chris Rawski’s] face after throwing those girls out, I’m reassured.

“He’s so excited. I’m ready to come in and strike. It’s fun to see your coach being so proud of you.”

Overmyer took a throw in the opposite direction over the right fielder’s head for a one-out triple in the fourth inning Thursday in a 3-2 win over Toledo St. Ursula. She scored the go-ahead on a passed fly ball with two outs.

“Coach said we needed a hit,” Overmyer said. “I went up with an empty mind. I swung the bat and good things happened. I looked like a hero, but I’m not the only hero. It’s a thing of team. If you don’t play well together, it’s not going to be a very good team.

“I had a good hit and some good catches, but we wouldn’t have been here without my team.”

Top-seeded Oak Harbor takes on double-seeded Wauseon in a district final at 12 p.m. Saturday in Genoa. Port Clinton lost 6-4 to Wauseon in the district’s other semi-final.

Sydney Overmyer of Oak Harbor is looking to slip into home plate.

The Rockets Bats were held in check with just three hits. Port Gregory and Ashley Schiller each had a single, and Porter and Alyse Sorg each had an RBI.

“Schiller is a monster at second base,” Overmyer said. “She dives for everything. Even in the batting box, she’s aggressive. She can steal so many bases. Shortstop Reese Adkins makes all the plays. I’ve never seen a first baseman [Porter Gregory] who dives like a second baseman.

“Our defense was off. We got up after a mistake and moved on. [Jenna Lutz’s] the climbing ball was beautiful. Our defense helped secure the win.”

Reagan Schultz and Reese Adkins also scored once.

“We all played an important role,” Overmyer said. “My shot lifted my spirits. We were hitting it right at people. When I got on third, I was excited. ‘Let’s go get this.’ It brought us back into the game.

Reagan Schultz of Oak Harbor.

Schultz did not allow a run after the fourth inning. She struck out five and walked two, while allowing six hits in seven innings.

“I don’t know if a lot of people know, we’ve been playing together since we were little girls,” Overmyer said. “She blocks everything and concentrates on her work. She doesn’t let the pressure get to her, otherwise I’ll make a joke.

“We have a bond. We bounce back with each other. She’s a great player and I can’t wait to see what she does at Kent State.”

Oak Harbor coach Chris Rawski greets Sydney Overmyer after his hat-trick.

Oak Harbor (21-8) shut out Rossford 15-0 in five innings for a section crown.

“We were all on fire,” Overmyer said. “We were comfortable. We weren’t nervous. We did what we always do – play hard. As it’s my last year, I’m so happy. We work like one machine. also.

“We are all complementary.”

The Rockets finished second in the Sandusky Bay Conference Bay Division, with its only two losses to champion Margaretta. The lost in a district final last season.

“There’s a new energy,” Overmyer said. “We blended. Last year we were different groups, this year we are one family. We rely on each other. The goal is to look beyond the past and focus on the present. If we focus on the present, we will have a good game.”

Porter Gregory, left, hugs Sydney Overmyer after Overmyer scored Oak Harbor's first run in the third inning.

Rawski noticed Overmyer in pre-season. He saw that his tools were better suited to right field.

“My roster has improved so much,” she said. “I improved the hitting. Really, I improved the most to secure my spot with my mental game. It wasn’t strong. This year, if I hit, ‘Oh, well,’ I have a another at bat. Got an interview, not crying cause I was 1 for 2 and the outfielder caught my ball.

“I’m delighted with the way we played [Thursday] and I got better.”

His mind also stood out from Rawski.

“I did my overtime at home with my dad, who was my coach,” she said. “After practice we were drilling. The coach could tell. He told me he could tell by looking in my face that I wanted it and he saw a fire.

“I’m lucky to be part of such an intense team, which is always cool, calm and collected. I said to Coach, wherever you need me to improve the team, that’s where I will be. Every time in training, it’s fun. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to play with these girls.”

Overmyer grabbed the final in a win over Edison.

“It’s crazy to see where you started and where you ended,” Rawski told him. “‘You surprise me. You always flirt with other girls.’ It makes me want to do my job properly, pick up my other girls and win the game.”

Overmyer’s family is made up of generational farmers. She raises and shows pigs and wants to study agriculture more, with plans to add communications and one day anchor a news program on the subject.

She continued her swimming career at Division II Wilmington College. She could also play softball.

“I’m excited to get away from home and meet new people,” she said. “I’ve always loved the sport. The atmosphere. It’s comfortable. I come from a small town, it’s a nice transition.”

She helped a 200 medley relay finish second in the district. She also qualified for state with a 400 m freestyle relay.

“It was a great way to end my senior year,” she said of the district. “That was my whole goal, trying to get to the state.”

She will compete in backstroke and freestyle sprints, possibly free distance.

Overmyer was a pinch runner last season. She stole two bases in the playoff loss.

If Oak Harbor could pick a runner to be on third base with one out, it would probably be Overmyer. Ideally, she would triple to get there safely.

Although third base is usually his place.

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