Ohio school district exonerates bus driver following alleged segregation investigation

A school official for the town of Stow-Munroe Falls in Summit County, Ohio, said School Transport News that a school bus driver reacted “appropriately” by separating student drivers, following allegations made by the mother of one of the students that the action constituted racial segregation.

The district launched an investigation last week after receiving the complaint, originally reported by Cleveland19 News. The mother claimed that the school bus driver forced black students to sit in the front of the bus and did not allow them to sit with other white children in the back of the bus.

The mother contacted school district officials, who reportedly told her that the seating assignments had changed due to behavioral issues on the bus. It has also been stated that law school districts have the right to seat students wherever they see fit.

City of Stow-Munroe Falls School District Superintendent Tom Bratten said a review of the school bus video and an interview with the bus driver determined that the district employee had overreacted. appropriate manner “following our district’s policies and procedures”.

“After the bus driver reassigned seats, we found no evidence that students were assigned seats based on their race, as raised by one of our parents,” Bratten continued. in the statement sent to STN on Tuesday. “We want to hear about these concerns and thank our parents for bringing this to our attention. We spoke with this parent about these concerns. As previously stated, the District does not tolerate any form of discrimination or segregation and will take timely and appropriate action if such allegations are substantiated.

He said the district’s investigation and review of bus video showed unsafe behavior by students, including students standing and kneeling on seats, throwing trash out of windows and stuffing trash into car seats. ‘bus.

“The next school day, the driver allowed students to keep their seatmates and their assigned seats to maintain an orderly and safe atmosphere on the bus. Our review of the video of the bus from that day showed that students of different races were dispersed in seats throughout the bus and student behavior had improved significantly,” Bratten concluded. “The safety of all of our students in all situations, including on our buses, is of utmost concern and in this situation our driver has taken appropriate steps to ensure that safety.”

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