Perrysburg schools face overcrowding as city population grows

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (WTVG) – The city of Perrysburg has seen strong growth in recent years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. And with this growth, come new students in the schools.

The problem? Schools no longer have much room for all children.

Although overcrowding is a problem, Superintendent Tom Hosler said he is happy to see all the new faces in his community and all the children who can now learn in his schools.

“It’s a good problem to have, and we’re grateful that people trust us with their kids. Of all the places they could move to, they choose to come to Perrysburg. It’s a huge responsibility, and we want to make sure that we protect the educational experience of all of our students while maintaining the qualities that bring people here,” Hosler said.

Currently, schools are using “portable classrooms” – trailer-like structures that sit just outside the school.

The superintendent said these classrooms are not a permanent solution to their problems and he is aware of some of the security issues.

“At a time when school safety is so important, laptops are a bit of a concern for us, but we have a great plan, our SRO is there, but it’s changing that dynamic,” Hosler said. “So I think the students are aware of that, I think they’re very careful and cautious, but overall it’s part of what they do.”

Hosler said another problem is that 11 of their high school teachers don’t have their own classrooms.

Each term, these teachers pack all their supplies on a cart and go to another room. This is embarrassing for both teachers and students.

“You know, you think about the times when you or I were at school and you went to meet the teacher in his class to take a test? Well, 11 of our teachers don’t have that classroom, so they have to find that space somewhere, so that’s something we’re looking forward to solving,” Hosler said.

A board meeting was scheduled for Monday evening and the superintendent said the issue of overcrowding was first on the agenda.

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