Population explosion: Union County grows 20% in 10 years


According to the most recent figures released by the U.S. Census, Union County’s population has skyrocketed over the past decade, as there are now 20% more people in the county than there were ten barely years old.

The 2020 census shows that 62,784 people currently reside in Union County, compared to 2010, when the county had 53,300 people within its borders. The county’s upward growth makes Union not only one of the fastest growing counties in the state of Ohio, but one of the fastest growing communities in all of the states. United.

For comparison, the population of the United States grew 7.4% to 331,449,281, the state of Ohio grew 2.3% to 11,799,448 in the past ten years.

The push to get local residents to fill out their census forms also worked, as Union County had the most improved spontaneous response rate of all 88 counties in Ohio, dropping from almost 6% over in the 2010 census and in first place.

Quick facts about Union County:

Total population: 62,784

Population by municipalities:

Marysville – 25,571
Dublin – 4,344 (Union County only)
Richwood – 2,222
Milford Center – 807
Plain City – 730 (Union County only)
Magnetic Springs – 267
Unionville Center – 241

Dublin’s population in Union County has grown on an explosive scale, from 2,366 to 4,344 in 10 years, an incredible 83.6% increase.

The Union County population of Plain City, however, fell more than 11% from 828 to 730, bearing in mind that much of Plain City is located in Madison County, so the overall figures for Plain City are not represented by this change.

Magnetic Springs has also seen its population decline in 10 years… one person. The official population of Magnetic Springs in 2021 was 268, in 2020 the population is now 267, a decrease of 0.4%.

In unincorporated areas, the township of Jerome has by far the largest number of inhabitants, thanks to a massive influx of 101.8% of the population over the past decade, from 4,347 to 8,774 .

Washington Township is the least populated with 812 residents.


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