Postman needs security escort in Toledo neighborhood

A letter to residents indicated that a postman’s safety was at risk. When delivery resumed, the carrier was accompanied by a security escort.

TOLEDO, Ohio – A south Toledo neighborhood was without mail delivery for about a week, after security concerns for one of its letter carriers led the United States Postal Service to suspend the service.

A letter was sent to residents of the 3400 block of Beverly Drive earlier this month advising them that they should collect their mail directly from the area post office.

The letter cited issues with a resident of that block that put the postman’s safety at risk and that until the issue was resolved, mail would not be delivered to their home.

WTOL 11 drove into the neighborhood on Friday afternoon and saw a USPS van delivering packages, accompanied by a security escort.

Our WTOL 11 team spoke to several neighbors in the neighborhood, who revealed the house in question. We searched records to find the owner and learned that he had faced a number of criminal charges in the past, including harassment of city employees.

We contacted the USPS to inquire about the situation and received the following statement from the local communications department:

“The safety of our delivery employees and the goal of providing excellent customer service are both paramount to who we are as an organization…USPS will do everything possible to attempt delivery as long as it is safe for employees . We apologize to customers who have been affected; however, we want to remind the public that the USPS places the safety of its employees as a top priority.

We’ll keep you posted as this story progresses.


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