Residents of Bigelow in Toledo want something done about ‘dirty’ street

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Bigelow Street in Toledo is nestled just off the Freeway. Locals complain that the street is constantly dirty.

A concerned resident says she’s been asking the city for years, but all of her complaints have fallen on deaf ears. “If the city passed by here and looked and saw. Once the snow is gone, all that garbage is under there. It’s just crazy that it looks like you’re taking down a rear ally somewhere. “

She says that because the street is not zoned for parking, residents park where they want, preventing city vehicles from cleaning up. “Bigger vehicles, city trucks, street sweepers, emergency vehicles, fire trucks can’t pass through there because it parks on both sides of the street and people don’t use their alleys.”

She says her trash was not picked up first because the drivers have no way to get to the street. Following the winter weather last week, the street remains unplowed. “I know some of the neighbours, they’re very upset that they can’t get out of the block to go to work…I know I’m not the only one this is happening to, this isn’t the only street this is happening to. happens, but with the way this street is laid out and the way the wind blows, you drift and it’s very difficult to get out.

The city of Toledo has been informed of the residents’ complaints. And while they don’t have a solution yet, they’re working to find one.

If you have a neighborhood nuisance in your community, email [email protected].

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