Residents of Vermass Ave struggling with rat problem

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Neighbors on Vermaas Avenue near Eleanor in Toledo say it’s not uncommon to open their trash cans and have a rat jump on them.

Fred Spieler has lived in his house for 5 years, he says rats have always been a problem. “They’re the size of squirrels some of them. And I’m like ‘how can that be.’ I thought one day I had a rabbit jumping over there, and it was a rat.

Spieler says when he returns at night, that’s when the rodents are most active. “I work third shift so I usually see them when I come in. I see them running in the street or in the grass. I usually have one every morning, but now that it’s cold I haven’t seen them. But I probably had three or four dead in my driveway,”

Several Vermaas residents are pet owners, so the presence of rats is even more of a concern. “Now my dog ​​is trying to reach them, and I guarantee his dog is trying to reach them. It’s not good, it’s unhygienic. I don’t want to take my dog ​​to the vet because he tries to bite rats. And they’re huge, they’re huge,” Spieler says.

Another resident who chose to remain anonymous says she enjoys relaxing in her garden, but the rats made it an unpleasant experience. “You can hear them out back against the property lines, like scurrying through piles of leaves. We try to keep everything as collected as possible out there so they don’t have to dig anything. But it’s definitely a problem.

The city of Toledo says it doesn’t deal with rodent problems unless they come from an urban source. The Lucas County Health Department runs the rodent control program. Online, the health department has a place to submit rodent complaints and also offers tips for getting rid of rats and keeping them away.

Residents of Vermaas Avenue say they want the rats eradicated, but in a way that doesn’t harm other animals living in the area.

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