School district gives students more out-of-class days

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — A school district in Ohio is trying something different to help students learn. They give students more days out of class.

What do you want to know

  • Middletown City Schools Launches Personalized Learning Days
  • Students choose an activity from a list to learn at home, while teachers come to school to improve.
  • Three personalized learning days are planned this year: Sept. 6, Nov. 8 and Feb. 2. 2023

Courtnie Puckett tries to help students achieve their dreams. She’s a teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary in Middletown, but she doesn’t run a traditional classroom.

“It’s so much fun. I have fun every day,” Puckett said.

Through different activities, children learn about careers and the skills to get there in his special “passport for tomorrow” class.

“There are no worksheets here,” Puckett said. “We’re all involved, just trying to give them the different experiences so they can make those connections to the real world.”

The school district is starting something new, so students can take what they learn outside of the classroom. They call it “personalized learning days”.

“Our teachers will learn in the buildings and our students will learn at home,” said Debbie Houser, deputy superintendent of schools for the city of Middletown.

She said there would be no school on those days, but it would not be a day off.

“We needed more time to help our teachers and support our teachers with the callsigns that we are rolling out, and the second part is that we needed an area of ​​focus to develop those skills in our students,” said houser.

Students will have to choose from a list of places to go and jobs to discover in the community. She said there are options for working parents as well.

“We have different experiences for these parents, one of them is job shadowing so a parent can actually bring their child with them to work, so that’s also part of the careers you can see firsthand. hand what it looks like in this career, also we have virtual options,” Houser said.

Three personalized learning days are planned so far, and at the end of the day, students report what they’ve learned to teachers like Puckett.

“I can watch that and see what they like and dislike and evolve my class to accommodate that too,” Puckett said.

For more information on personalized learning days, Click here.

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