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MARCH 12, 1930

Exciting news

Lewis James from Somerset has a hen that laid two eggs in one day. The eggs will be used for hatching purposes as James hopes to secure a “two eggs a day” type flock.

Burnt burns

Albert Burns, a popular electrician at the Southern Railway Shops in Ferguson, was badly burned when a plank he was standing on broke and he fell into a steam vat.

Busy Burtons

Brent Tarter and Julia Burton of Delmer surprised their many friends by getting married on Saturday afternoon. They move into Virgil Burton’s house at James Burton’s.

iowa bound

Ed Dow and Ernest Linkes left Mt. Zion on Wednesday to drive to Iowa, where they will spend the summer.

News from Ruth

In Ruth, MD Hughes began crushing rock on Clay Hill Church Road. Elmer Cook operates a coal mine at home. WT Meece helps James Brinson dig coal in Colorado. Arlie Alexander has rented a farmhouse from Mrs. Minnie Large and will be moving there soon.

Out and about

Colonel TM Thatcher and Joe Donnelly visited Albany, Liberty and Jamestown last week. Mr. Donnelly was demonstrating the new Hudson eight. It was the first time in 40 years that Mr Thatcher had visited these cities.

Dayton gain

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Richardson and their family, who lived on East Mt. Vernon Street, left Saturday for Dayton, Ohio to settle down. Somerset regrets giving them up.

Happy to see you again

MH Wilson and his family have moved from Detroit to West Somerset, where they will settle. They have been living in Detroit for four years, coming from Nancy. Pulaski County is happy to reunite with this wonderful family.

MARCH 19, 1930

Quick baskets

The most spectacular performance of the Fifth Region basketball tournament came from Burnside’s Mary Alden. With 45 seconds left and her team trailing, she made four consecutive baskets.

Hurry up

There are only three days left to see the Frigidaire Hydrator demonstration at GL Early in Somerset. More than 1,300,000 in service.

Meet Madam

You are invited to meet Madame Camille Sarrazin at Joseph’s this week. Free facial and beauty treatments. Dorothy Perkins products.

Upper Somerset

roll of honor

Hazel Biers, Anna Lucille Blanton, Sara Louise Cundiff, Agnes Dunkelberg, Imogene Dutton, Margaret Gilpin, Noel Hail, Hazel Hines, Hazel Hislope, Thelma Hislope, Nell Jones, Ruth McKenzie, Fred Meece, Pearl Meece, Geneva Norfleet, Harold Owens, Beulah Rogers, Catherine Rusch, Lera Simpson, Vera Stevenson, Isabell Taylor, Marie Turpin, Lela Wilson, Roberta Wilson,

Nell Avera, Walter Flippin, Marie Hines, Lucille Inabnitt, Pauline Johnson, Lida McDaniel, Caleb McGahan, Virginia Murrell, Kathrine Orwin, Jean Stevenson, Hattie Taylor.

Lois Allen, Mae Barker, Leonard Barnes, Lura Carroll, Mary Elizabeth Cooke, Maxine Cooke, Jack Gardner, Pauline Gilmore, Marie Jones, Myrtle Leese, Elgin Meece, Stella Meece, Ima Mae Vanhook, Opal Vaught, Eileen Waddle,

Ruth Avera, Williena Burdine, Blanche Burke, Thelma Burton, Ella Butcher, Fay Corder, Ethel Denton, Ethelberta Flippin, Ernestine Hieatt, Ruth Pennington, Thelma Sears, Rosemary Talbot, Nettie West.

central school

JR Hood, Nell Waddle, Mary Ellen Hines, Mildred Neeley, Dorothy Nash, Marie Godby, Robert Hines, Fred Green, Edward Kiser, Samuel Wallin, Glenda Burton, Lois Fisher, Lucille Hargis, Mabel Newell, Dorothy Smith, Nancy Lee Tandy, Leva Epperson, Tom Humble, Frank B. Jones, Katherine Gover, Thelma Hood, Carlisle Keller, Beatrice Meece, Jennie R. Morrow, Dorothy Murrell, Kathleen Ruddle, Irene Sievers, Gracie Spears, Winnie Tate, Thelma Thomas, Edith West, Opal Combest, Frank Ellis, Arthur Hines, Robert Noel, Norman Clark, Virgil Meece, John Feuz.

Parker School

Earl Bugg, Rowena Carter, Ruth Cooke, Virginia Jackson, Dorothy Noe Denham, Mary Evelyn Williams, Valera Hahn, James Sears, Ruby Gregory, Carl Salutsky, Anna M. Guffey, Mary E. Waddle,

Fourth Ward School

Hazel Prather, Billie Boone, Howard Prather, Nancy Russell, Howard Fitzpatrick, Clarence Sims, Curtis Boone, Virginia Leonard, Ruby Loveless, Anna Paul, Thelma Burns, Eva Cole, James Everett Jones, Catherine Sims.

Columbia School

Margie Powell, Mary Spears.

Need more tomatoes

RB St. Clair, owner of the Somerset Cannery, says he could use a hundred more acres of tomatoes. He plans to expand the local factory and work day and night during the season.

City wages

The proposed budget for the city of Somerset includes $9,762 for salaries for the mayor, police chief, judge, councillors, patrol officers, fire chief, treasurer, solicitor and clerk.

Speaking of winners

Marie Irvine, a senior at Dunbar High, won the school’s public speaking contest. She is advancing to Blue Grass Oratory in Lancaster.

Science Hill Champions

Science Hill High’s women’s basketball team won the 20th District Championship. Members are Lois Crawford, Mildred Baugh, Helen Ashley, Goldie Vaught, Ora Bell Ward, Florietta Council, Evelyn Wesley, Mima Phelps and Miss Marjorie Kimball, Chaperone. Ed Batts is a coach.

talk about the city

Somerset High will send its champion speaker, Miss Ima Mae Vanhook, 16, to the Courier-Journal district competition this month. Miss Vanhook, a junior, is the daughter of JG Vanhook. The showing of Somerset’s entry is watched with interest as it was Somerset High that gave Kentucky its first National Public Speaking Champion, James Rayborn Moore.

Bridge approved

The House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce decided on Saturday to report favorably on a bill introduced last month by Rep. Robert Blackburn, Lexington, to build a railroad bridge over the Cumberland River in Burnside.

Laundry Tour

Members of the Somerset Rotary Club were treated to a tour by Somerset Laundry and Cleaners on Tuesday after lunch at Gregory’s restaurant. They were surprised to see the large amount of equipment needed to run the plant. About 30 people are employed at the plant which picks up and delivers work to many counties in Kentucky and Tennessee.

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