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COVENTRY: Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputies responding to reports that an intoxicated man was unconscious on Feb. 4 found the Nancy Avenue man at the home of a neighbor, who had a restraining order preventing him from being in contact with her. He was assessed and cleared by EMS and deputies charged him with breach of a protective order and took him to Summit County Jail.
A Barberton man reported on February 4 that a man from Kent stole his trailer from a store in Hohman Avenue. Deputies contacted the Kent man, who said he had agreed to sell the trailer to the Barberton man, but the man had not made any payment, so he took it. Both were informed that it was a civil matter.
An Akron woman reported on Feb. 7 that her child’s father made harassing phone calls and sent threatening text messages to her. She said he wasn’t supposed to know her address, but he sent her a picture of his house. Deputies drove to his home on North Bender Avenue and he resisted an escort out of the house, clinging to door frames and kicking. He told police he swallowed drugs, was assessed by EMS and taken to hospital. Upon his release, deputies took him to Summit County Jail on charges of threatening harassment and obstructing official business.
A Wigeon Lane woman reported on February 7 that the catalytic converter had been stolen from her vehicle the night before.
Also on February 7, a woman in Cottage Grove Road reported that a man who lived with her stole her gun. Deputies contacted the man, who said it was his gun he let her use. None of them would have known where the gun was. Deputies entered information about the weapon into a national database of stolen firearms.
A Jarvis Road man reported on February 9 that his tools were stolen from a garage and he found them at a pawn shop. He asked for a police report, which was needed to get them back.
The owner of a building in Swartz Road reported on February 10 that a stove outside his building was missing, along with toys and table legs.
On February 10, deputies responded to reports of someone shouting and banging on doors in the Pear Drive area, but were unable to locate the individual.

GREEN: An Itasca man staying at an Arlington Ridge Road hotel reported Feb. 2 that the catalytic converter was stolen from his vehicle the night before.
A Raber Road man reported on February 3 that his son fled a domestic dispute. Summit County Sheriff’s Office deputies determined he drove to a gas station on East Turkeyfoot Lake Road and stole a six-pack of beer. They followed his footprints, located him in a field, and charged him with theft and obstructing official business.
Also on February 5, deputies investigated the theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle on Aultman Road.
A man reported that someone had damaged the windshield of his vehicle while he was in the parking lot of a Massillon Road store on February 6.
Deputies are investigating a break-in at the office of a residential complex in Mayfair Road on February 8 and are trying to identify a man who opened the door to a shed and stole a snowblower and a bag of salt . A bolt cutter and other items were recovered from the scene.
A Fortuna Drive woman reported on Feb. 8 that she dropped her wallet, containing ID, credit cards and a nurse’s license, in the parking lot of her resort and it was stolen .
On February 10, a woman from Massillon Road reported that she discovered that an envelope inside her letterbox had been opened and a tax document had been stolen.
A Town Crossing Boulevard woman reported on February 10 that she paid $800 to a man who called her and told her she had won the lottery.

LAKEMORE: An officer was reported on Feb. 15 by a witness due to a fight in the parking lot of a Main Street skating rink. The juveniles involved had been separated when police arrived, and one had a cut lip. Police have informed two other people believed to be involved that they are barred from the property. No arrests were made.
A Springfield Lake Drive woman called police on February 17 to report that someone had hacked into her phone. The police advised him to create a new email and link it to all his active accounts.
The Barberton Police Department contacted police on February 18 after the arrest of a Barberton woman wanted on a Lakemore warrant. Lakemore police picked up the woman and took her to the Summit County Jail.

NEW FRANKLIN: Police were called to an accident involving two cars on Manchester Road on February 12 and were told by dispatch that one of the drivers had fled the scene. Police located the northbound driver on Manchester Road as they entered a car park. The man reportedly showed signs of intoxication but denied drinking and said he had just left work. He failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for driving a motor vehicle while impaired. A small bag of marijuana was found in a cup holder inside the car. The man refused to submit to a urine alcohol test and was placed in the care of a sober person.
Police responded to a robbery at a Minuet Drive residence on February 15. A woman reported that several doses of prescription Klonopin and Vicodin had gone missing over the past three months and she believes a Barberton woman who had access to the house stole the medication.
A Doylestown man was charged with disorderly conduct on February 16 after he allegedly ran a stop sign and failed to use a turn signal. The man was reportedly upset and started shouting and insulting the officer. A field sobriety test determined the man was not intoxicated and he was released with a citation for running the stop sign, failing to use his turn signal and disorderly driving.

SPRINGFIELD: A driver pulled over on Shadybrook Drive on Jan. 30 for a taillight violation was found to have warrants from the Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls police departments and three license suspensions. A loaded handgun, a container of marijuana and a scale were also found in the trunk of the car. He was cited for driving under suspension and received a warning for the other violations. Police seized the marijuana and the scales, but did not file any criminal charges, and the driver was turned over to the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department on his warrant.
A Hyland Drive resident reported that his car was stolen from his driveway on Jan. 31 between 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. He said the car was unlocked and could be started without a key and added that a bed for toddler and other miscellaneous items were inside. auto. The car was found at a business in Barberton on February 4.
Police reported the following incidents at a South Arlington Road store: A Stone Mountain, Georgia man was arrested Jan. 30 for skipping multiple items; an Akron woman and a Uniontown man have been charged with theft, possession of drug paraphernalia and trespassing, with the woman arrested on an outstanding warrant after stealing a water dispenser $188 on January 30; an Akron woman was arrested Jan. 31 for stealing a carpet cleaner; a Canal Fulton man was arrested Feb. 2 for stealing a $31 inflatable mattress; an Akron man who worked at the store as part of a renovation crew on Feb. 3 was arrested for stealing $141 worth of merchandise; a New Philadelphia woman and a Uhrichsville man were pulled over and arrested on February 4 after leaving the store with a backpack full of stolen merchandise, the man later being turned over to the Canton Police Department on a warrant; and a Louisville man was arrested Feb. 5 for attempting to steal merchandise.
Police responded to a Killian Road residence for a car theft report on February 4. The woman said she was staying with her father and had a protective order against her ex-boyfriend, and friends told her they had seen the ex-boyfriend. driving his car on February 3. She added that a ‘trunk’ was placed on the car by order of Barberton City Court and she believes the ex-boyfriend cut the device from the car. Police questioned the ex-boyfriend, who denied having the car, and officers were unable to locate the car on his property. The car was recovered Feb. 5 by the Akron Police Department, with the ex-boyfriend behind the wheel. The car was returned to the woman.
Police were called to the Killian and Myersville Roads area on February 4 to a man seen wearing a pair of bolt cutters. The man identified himself and was taken to what he claimed was his residence. Shortly after, police responded to a call from someone breaching a protection order and realized it was the same man. The Fresno man reportedly admitted he had falsely identified himself as his disabled brother and was charged with breaching a protective order and jailed in Summit County Jail. The man was found with a small bag of methamphetamine and a needle in his possession.
Two people were arrested on February 5 after allegedly stealing $295 worth of building materials from a store on South Arlington Road. The two reportedly fled the store on foot with the merchandise and were found at a nearby restaurant. They were taken back to the store and charged with theft, and the stolen merchandise was returned to the store.
Also on February 5, police were called to a residence on Pine Lake Road. A woman said she was hit by her fiancé and added that there were guns inside the house. Police determined the woman had no visible injuries and her fiance had a superficial cut to her eye, as well as a torn shirt and bite mark on her chest. Both refused to cooperate with the police and no arrests were made, but the two agreed to go their separate ways for the night.
A woman reported that her handbag was stolen on February 6 from a shop in East Waterloo Road. She told police she did not know if she left her purse in her shopping cart in the parking lot, adding that its contents included two debit cards, $40 cash, an electronic benefit transfer card, his Ohio driver’s license, his social security card and other miscellaneous cards.

Reports from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office were compiled by Maggie DeMellier and the rest were compiled by Brian Lisik.

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