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ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The St. Clairsville-Richland City School District has been awarded an $88,000 Ohio K-12 Security Grant to install the new security check-in area for the college entrance as well as purchase new radios for staff.

Superintendent Walter Skaggs made the announcement to school board members at Wednesday morning’s meeting. In addition to covering the cost of the new college building entrance, the remaining funds were used to purchase a new communications system for the district.

“We received the funds recently and will have all new communications with radios and repeaters. Again repeaters are something that was recommended by our law enforcement when we did the active fire exercise last year as they found dead spots in a few of our buildings” , he said.

Skaggs said the college’s new security entrance is now complete, completing visitor check-in areas at all three schools – elementary, middle and high schools.

“It looks very good. There is actually a waiting area now. The Raptor system is up and running and any visitors need to check in. Cameras have been installed and a buzz-in system so we have that now in the three buildings, he said.

Skaggs said officials are currently working to secure additional grant funds for a new camera system and a lock system for the entire district.

“Where we can lock down every wing of every building with the push of a button if there was an incident or any type of threat in an area,” he added.

Additionally, Skaggs said the replacement cooling unit has been ordered for the Middle and High School Connection Building, which is expected to take 35 to 40 weeks to receive.

“We paid a substantial amount of money just to get the one we got to work as well as it is – it’s not doing very well”, he said.

The current unit is about 20 years old and continues to cause problems. The cost to replace the unit is $178,912.

In other areas, Skaggs expressed his gratitude to the American Legion Post 159 for donating flags for elementary, middle and high schools, as well as Red Devil Stadium.

“They do so much for us. … They’ve also donated every flag in every classroom over the years. They always make sure we have those (flags) in there,” he added.

Deputy Superintendent Christina Laudermilt gave a presentation on school state test report cards, which are now given on a scale of one to five stars. The overall district-wide score is four stars in Achievement, three stars in Progress, five stars in Graduation, and five stars in Early Literacy. The report cards will be posted today on the Ohio Department of Education website.

The board then meets at 7 a.m. Oct. 12 at the district school board office, 108 Woodrow Ave.

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