The City holds its 3rd community engagement meeting

LIMA — The City of Lima has added an additional date to its list of community engagement meetings with the new final meeting scheduled for Thursday at West Middle School at 6 p.m.

Most, if not all, of the residents who attended Tuesday’s meeting in the auditorium of the Lima Public Library, learned that there would be at least one more opportunity to voice their opinions on where they want to see Lima focus its efforts on improving the city. .

Adding Thursday’s extra meeting might have been an even better idea than it seemed on the surface. Tuesday’s meeting at the library was poorly attended with less than 20 residents showing up to be heard at the town’s mobile office.

Malachi Lindsey shared that he would like to see outdoor spaces redesigned for playing pickleball. He shared some of the positive benefits he has seen since his debut.

“The city doesn’t have a place where people can play pickleball outside,” Lindsey said. “For people who don’t know how, pickleball is a great sport that anyone can play, young or old. It would give the kids something to do to avoid the streets and the trouble. It even has a great impact on your health. I have a friend who plays because it helps with his neuropathy.

There were several people who were in favor of pickleball, but the most requested thing was to improve disabled access in the city.

The sparsely attended meeting departed somewhat from the previous two public comment sessions on how to spend $26.3 million in American Recovery Protection Act money. The first two meetings were well attended, suggesting that the biggest factor in the decline in attendance may have been more of a timing issue. Tuesday’s meeting started at 4 p.m., while the other meetings started at 6 p.m., more favorable to work and personal life.

Either way, residents will get a second chance to make a final impression on Thursday if there are people out there who would like to have their voices heard. Community Development Manager Susan Crotty led the entire meeting in the absence of Mayor Sharetta Smith and First Ward Councilor Todd Gordon was also present to represent the City Council.

Lima resident Malachi Lindsey talks about the benefits of playing pickleball after suggesting the city add outdoor space to play the popular game.

Residents place stickers next to the things they think the city should focus on the most.

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