Toledoans want pothole action

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Potholes in the city of Toledo are common and residents say they are causing problems. They damage cars and can lead to safety hazards if you are not careful.

“My youngest daughter fell in. She was walking and didn’t see the pothole, she fell straight into it. When she fell, her feet went into it,” says Toledo resident Georgina Wright. “People’s cars were wrecked. Like I said, my son couldn’t afford to fix his car, it was done…these things are dangerous.

Wright says she’s run into a pothole before on her daily walks, but she’s not just worried about old people like her.

“I worry about the children. When they ride those bikes and scooters, because I know that can be a bad fall,” Wright says.

The Toledo Ministry of Transport says the 2022 road project is scheduled to start on June 1 but could start as early as mid-May. The city estimates it will take 120 days to complete.

“It will be a relief now. People don’t have to worry about their cars being destroyed. Some people can’t pay like that. That would help me too, because old people don’t see that. I intervened directly,” Wright says.

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