Travis Kelce of Chiefs on Community Impact with New Ignition Lab


As the Kansas City Chiefs start their week off in a practical way over Thanksgiving weekend, one of the franchise’s top stars has revealed her plan to help the community. All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce is extremely proud to give back to the kids in the Kansas City area, and his foundation is focused on making things better for everyone.

Kelce founded the 87 & Running Foundation to empower disadvantaged youth to succeed by providing resources and support to their communities and cultivating their talents in education, business, sport, STEM and the arts. He recently spoke with the NFL on FOX anchor Curt Menefee to describe his foundation’s work, including the all-new Ignition Lab, and his hopes for the future.

“Oh my God,” Kelce said, describing the Ignition Lab. “Where do I even start.” So the Ignition Lab is – it’s a place for 14-18 year olds to co-work to pursue career areas that might interest them, even in high school. There is such a variety of things from culinary arts to automotive to graphic design whatever you want. Children just have a choice. For me, it gives these kids an opportunity that they otherwise wouldn’t have. “

The Ignition Lab is built for the kids of Kansas City, further opening the door to creative opportunities in their development. Kelce often discussed his early problems growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, taking this project very seriously.

“This place, this safe haven, is for them to really dream big and want to be whatever they want to be,” Kelce said. “I see myself and my friends so much growing up in these kids in this community. And I just want to make sure these kids have everything they could ask for. Just so they can chase something, keep them off the streets, keep them out of all the trouble that surrounds that area.

As the interview continued, Kelce began to think fondly of the children in her foundation and state that a thank you is more than enough to show her appreciation.

“Just a thank you, man,” Kelce said. “And that’s always enough. I put myself in their shoes. Realize how badly they could have it, especially around that area. I know it is not an easy life for them. So to be able to give them happiness, a smile, something to keep them away from some of the things that they might experience at home. For me, that’s what it is.

For more information on Kelce’s 87 & Running Foundation, log on to their official site


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