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CANNON BEACH, Ore. (KPTV) – Rabbits are causing serious trouble in a coastal town in Oregon. A small group has come together to take matters into their own hands and save the rabbits, but they need more help to do so.

“Everyone knows the bunnies at Cannon Beach and people love them or hate them,” said Jen Ferry of Cannon Beach Bunny Rescue.

While they are undeniably cute, many residents say rabbits have become a nuisance in the area.

“They’re adorable to watch. Years ago we even gave them carrots and stuff, but we’ve got past that,” said Paula Ramsey, a Cannon Beach resident. “They have become a real infestation and a problem.”

This problem is now a mission for Karen Anderson and Jen Ferry. Three years ago, the two launched Cannon Beach Bunny Rescue to capture, foster, and then find homes for domestic rabbits living in the wild. A problem not only for the residents, but also for the animals.

“Just because they seem, oh, they’re lying in the sun and grazing and looking happy, doesn’t mean they’re going to have a good life here. They don’t have access to food all year round, they are susceptible to disease and pests, “said Anderson.” Those we rescued had so many health problems that they were on the outside. “

Many people who come to the tourist hotspot recognize that something may not be right.

In 2019, the town of Cannon Beach passed an ordinance banning feeding of wildlife, but many townspeople say it has done nothing to address the problem.

Rabbits can be spotted lounging, munching in people’s backyards, or much worse – injured, poisoned, or killed.

“We also get calls from people finding injured rabbits. We got a call from someone who saw a rabbit being attacked by a dog in this park,” Anderson told FOX 12.

Since its inception, the organization has rescued more than a dozen rabbits – four of them have been adopted but many are still in foster care.

“Obviously everyone thinks rabbits are cute, and they just have a lot of personality and they’re just wonderful to be around,” Ferry said.

Two women on a mission to save a burgeoning rabbit population in Cannon Beach

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The woman says she can no longer save rabbits since they are limited to their own homes for reception. Now they are asking others to help them house relief or to offer them land to use.

“They really need our protection and our help. Humans are what they are here for and it is our responsibility to help them,” Anderson said.

FOX 12 has contacted the Town of Cannon Beach for more information. The city manager says he is not aware of any recent rabbit complaints and that no fines have been imposed on anyone for feeding the rabbits or any other wildlife.

To learn more about Cannon Beach Bunny Rescue, visit

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