USPS resumes mail delivery in neighborhood 3 months after postman attacked by dog

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Paulette Williams called the 19 News recovery team in September after a United States Postal Service (USPS) mail carrier was attacked by her neighbor’s dog in August and the post office has stopped delivering mail.

“The guy came and grabbed him, they had to strangle the dog to get him off the postman because the postman was screaming come get your dog, come get your dog,” a neighbor said.

Williams lives on East 114th St. in Cleveland. She told 19 News it wasn’t the first time the dog had bitten someone.

“He came straight at me and was very aggressive,” Williams said.

Since the dog attack, Williams and her neighbors have had to collect their mail from a post office about 15 minutes away.

“It’s like we’re being punished for what they did, and that’s not right,” a neighbor said.

Williams and others expressed frustration with the new arrangement, saying many of them don’t have cars and it’s hard to get a ride.

“Please help us get our mail and get rid of that dog on the street,” Williams said.

In September, 19 News’ troubleshooting team contacted Cleveland city officials and the USPS and we recently learned that mail delivery had resumed in the neighborhood.

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