Vacant house in East Toledo awaiting demolition

EAST TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – On the corner of Navarre Avenue and Yondota sits an abandoned horror. neighbors say they were told it was going to be demolished a long time ago.

Yet years later, the property is covered in vines and poison oaks.

“It makes our neighborhood even worse and we don’t want that, we try to make our neighborhood live and make it beautiful,” said Albert Castaneda, who lives in the neighborhood. “We were actually told he was going to be knocked down and he wasn’t. I have lived here for more than four years, but nothing has been done. I just see this building continuing to rot, it’s a danger to the neighborhood.

Neighbors told 13abc that they frequently see neighborhood children running in and out of the property doing who knows what.

“The grass grows very high, you can’t even walk on the sidewalk. It’s just a very bad place, the windows are broken. It attracts more bad people to the neighborhood and it’s really bad,” said Castaneda said.

“It’s sickening when you have company and stuff like that and you go hang out on your porch and then you have this abandoned house across the street,” neighbor Amy Keith said.

The city of Toledo said the house had more than 70 work orders. A group of mowers came to maintain the property, but with the extensive overgrowth there was little they could do. According to a representative, the lot is on the demolition list and is expected to be down in the next few years

Locals say they won’t hold their breath.

Residents challenge the city by stating that if the house was in Ottawa Hills or Sylvania, the problem would have been solved.

“On the other side of town, it would have been taken care of a long time ago, it would have been done. Being on the east side of Toledo, it’s not a top priority, it’s not happening right away,” Castaneda said.

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