View 2022 Ohio School Report Cards for Every District in Ohio

CLEVELAND, Ohio – View details of Ohio’s 2022 report card for each district in Ohio. The Ohio Department of Education released the scores Thursday, using a new star-based grading system that replaced the old A-F grades.

This change is the result of a law passed by the Ohio General Assembly in 2021. Schools and public districts are now measured by one to five stars, with one star representing the lowest performance and five the highest. , in different areas such as graduation and beginning. literacy.

However, the Ohio Department of Education does not offer an overall star rating for each school and district. In future years, there will be an overall star rating.

Neighborhood details

Legend: (A) Achievement, (EL) Early Literacy, (G) Graduation, (P) Progress, and (GC) Gap Filling. Additional details on each of these categories are presented below the table.

Some mobile users may need visit this link to see the report card table.

The Ohio Department of Education has created a 17-page guide to understanding report cards, which shows how the stars will be used for other areas of measurement.

The state uses data reported by districts and schools to analyze performance in several categories.

Achievement: This component indicates whether student performance on state tests has met previously established thresholds. It also takes into account students’ overall performance on tests.

– Early literacy: This domain measures the reading improvement and overall proficiency scores of students in kindergarten through third grade.

– Graduation: This measure looks at the four-year cohort-adjusted graduation rate and the five-year cohort-adjusted graduation rate. The four-year rate only includes students who graduate within four years of entering ninth grade for the first time. The five-year rate includes students who graduate within five years of entering ninth grade for the first time.

Progress: This measure examines the growth of students based on their past performance. Although not all students start at the same place in their learning, the state expects each student to learn and grow throughout the school year. Progress examines the growth of students and schools against past performance on state tests.

– Closing the gap: This component measures the reduction in educational gaps for subgroups of students based on income, race, ethnicity or disability.

– College, career, workforce, and military readiness (not graded this year): This component examines how well-prepared Ohio students are for future opportunities, whether training in a technical field or preparing for work or college. This is a relatively new measure, and full data will not be fully reported until the 2024-25 school year.

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