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West Side Brewing is one of the companies serving DORA beverages.

Another Cincinnati neighborhood is transforming its downtown into a DORA neighborhood, or Designated Outdoor Refreshment Zone, meaning there’s another place for those 21 and older to grab an alcoholic drink to sip while they walk.

Click to enlarge Westwood DORA Neighborhood Boundaries - PHOTO: WESTWOOD CIVIC ASSOCIATION

Photo: Westwood Civic Association

Westwood DORA Neighborhood Boundaries

Fourteen acres of Westwood are now part of a DORA, with boundaries ranging from “Ivory House to just beyond Wondercade on Harrison and from Epworth to Nation”, according to the Westwood Civic Association website.

“We designed it so that no sidewalks adjacent to a residence, church or school would be included in the DORA,” said Larry Eiser, chairman of the Westwood Civic Association’s DORA management committee. CityBeat . “We didn’t want the DORA to encroach on the very residential neighborhood that surrounds the business district.”

Although they are in the same general area, the City Hall Park Playground and City Hall itself are also not included in the DORA.

Westwood’s DORA held a soft opening on March 17 — and is currently active and open — but will hold a grand opening celebration at 6 p.m. on May 5 at City Hall Park. Mayor Aftab Pureval is expected to be there, along with Vice Mayor Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney and other Cincinnati City Council members.

DORA’s current hours of operation are 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday and 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. This means that during these hours, customers can purchase an alcoholic beverage to take away in a branded DORA mug at select bars and restaurants. “Beverages in DORA cups may be consumed anywhere within the DORA Zone. However, DORA beverages may not be transported from one liquor serving establishment to another,” states the Westwood Civic Association.

Participating DORA companies include:

  • Ivory House (2998 Harrison Avenue)
  • Cafe Muse (3018 Harrison Ave)
  • West Side Brewing (3044 Harrison Ave)
  • Red’s Westside Venyou (3050 Harrison Ave)
  • Madcap Education Center (3064 Harrison Avenue)
  • Henke Winery (3077 Harrison Ave)
  • Nation Kitchen & Bar (3435 Epworth Ave)
  • Emma’s All-In-One Opportunities (3122 Harrison Ave.)
  • Wondercade (3143 Harrison Ave)

Six other companies invite customers to bring DORA drinks into their establishments: Fuzzy Butts, By the Sea Salt Therapy, Perfect Little Peach Boutique, Westwood Skateboarding, Vintage Creations and Game N Groove.

Eiser says Westwood saw “a lot of benefits and no problems” when the city did a test during COVID that allowed some businesses in the area to allow patrons to drink in the park to promote social distancing.

“It’s about making Westwood City Hall’s business district a destination, attracting new visitors, residents and businesses, helping existing businesses thrive, and further activating the city park. newly renovated Westwood City Hall,” Eiser said.

Get more information and rules for the DORA District of Westwood at westwoodcivic.org.

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