Why we must defend our community

Although we have accomplished a lot in a short time as a community, we cannot succeed without the help of our regional partners. That’s why the GSP is a co-sponsor of the Dayton-area Washington DC Fly-in that takes place every spring minus COVID-19. It helps bring together more than 150 leaders from across the region to champion with one voice at the federal level our region’s key strengths and aspirations. It also helped bring together our local leadership team with approximately 10 local leaders and politicians in attendance from Clark County.

The relationships that have been nurtured over many years on this annual trip have really paid off as our community continues to seek funding for many important projects that come to fruition during this time.

Recently, we needed the help of Congress to work with the Department of Energy on a complicated issue related to their asset located in Springfield. We contacted the congressman Warren Davidson what we needed to accomplish, and he and his team started working on it. However, it ultimately took Davidson enlisting the help of our entire regional Congressional delegation to finally get what is now known as the Power Act approved by Congress and signed by the President before the end of last year.

What seemed impossible just months ago has been accomplished thanks to the strong support and advocacy of the Dayton Development Coalition and our representatives in Congress. We are now in possession of this valuable asset and are marketing it as a 40,000 square foot Class A office opportunity to develop well paying jobs in our community.

We hope you now understand better why it is so important for the GSP to work with local and regional partners to advocate for our community. Our community is moving forward because we all stand together for progressive policies and funding opportunities that boost a long-dormant local economy. We are waking up and now have a growing momentum that will help propel us into a brighter future!

Mike McDorman is President and CEO of the Greater Springfield Partnership

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